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mini anela!
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Silence mini anela!
r7ll 2006-02-04 03:41:50 AWwww that's cute! ^^ the gloves are wonderful :D
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-02-07 04:14:47 oO kawaii! So cute =P
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Random art
Just a doodle, nothing more, nothing less :3
Well, as I posted in the forum, I'm working on a webmanga, and I would like to hear some opinions. What I urgently need to decide is how to do the side views of the characters, I'm not sure about how I'm doing it, cause the mouth seems to be always with the same expresion... I'll say more on the forum.

here's the forum link
The Head didnt really work out... the lower part...

Comments appreciated...
ugh...this picture is kinda old, but yea...i had problems with it.
a water nymph who resides in a remote lake. She has the power to grant anyone his deepest desires, so people journey in search for her. She rises from the water when a traveler approaches her lake. If she sees that the person has a good heart, she will grant him his wish, if he doesn't, she will take 5 years of his life.
another "gaia online" char. ^_~
A chibi me XD
Well, I tried my hand at making pixel art of the living legend of Yoshi from Super Mario World?
Well finally I found some time to draw some stuff again ..
There's no real real progression visible though compared to my
other pics which is a shame .. The hand in the background is
way too big I think .. I tried drawing hooves of some sort
but I need to find more horse pictures on the net .. 
Anyway nothing special ^_^ but at least i got to upload again ^_^
Colored my lineart
Version 1 because i might color it again with a different coloring style =] lol
hope you guys like it! 

colored in Corel Painter Essentials 3.0
...yes 3 D:

i had to dub down the quality a tinsy bit to fit it into a suitable size
Yoshida from Shakugan no shana
Yep, that's a picture alright! I'ts a dark Knuckles! :{
the first comic strip of a series called Empty Punchline my friends and I are trying to get going.