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Well...don't ask me what is this...coz I don't know...I was high ;)
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lotsofblood Well...don't ask me what is this...coz I don't know...I was high ;)
Zeph 2006-02-03 17:44:55 ummmmm. interesting
Zeph 2006-02-03 17:45:10 is that a sign that says "metrosexuals?"
lotsofblood 2006-04-12 21:43:10 humm yeah...
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Random art
It's been a few months already again!

So it's time for a stupid joke, Magical fail girl! She can bleed at will!

Also at
mp3 juice
well people merry christmass and a happy new year ^^  (card me not be totaly in the christmas spirit, but a well that just my humor ^^) .... ow and sorry for the weak coloring i needed to finnish it on time :P
My friend asked me to draw a dancing penguin, and a moose, this is the lineart of the moose, I'll prolly upload the color version later. C&C welcome.
Wow, I drew a GUY!? (I need to draw more guys)
I messed up his neck DX
My friend told me that my clothes need more detail, so I put lotsa details in this clothes. Whew~ too much details ^^; -- Done by 27 October 2002. Inked by Pilot G-tech. Color by Prisma Markers.
an hornless fantroll sketch. I got bored sketched it then decided what to use it for I will upload the full troll pic soon. His name is Kelics sarisk. He is the prince of shadows.
My first digital manga... Unfinished
ehmm....drugs are bad?
It's been a long time... School's finished and I finally got some more time for my own work. Here are some color sketches leftovers from my school project, hope you like 'em!
a little doodle i made.
you like?
Pokemon art for the Homage thread. You can view the topic here:

Though I'm not thoroughly satisfied with how it turned out, it's good enough. 

About 30 minutes for the pencil work, then 4 to 5 hours in Photoshop CS.
Just a fan-art of Takuto Izumi. 
Orignal art by: Minami Ozaki: Artbook Zodiac: