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Hey, sorry I've not uploaded anything in a while :P Ok, just did a quick sketch, wanted to see what I could come up with using only a thick nib (limiting me to no detail) marker pen. It was just something that I thought may be fun :P C+C please? Thanks a lot, Andy ;D
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count_andy Hey, sorry I've not uploaded anything in a while :P Ok, just did a quick sketch, wanted to see what I could come up with using only a thick nib (limiting me to no detail) marker pen. It was just something that I thought may be fun :P C+C please? Thanks a lot, Andy ;D
r7ll 2006-02-01 14:25:35 No matter how many times you tell me about those wings in school, nothing could have prepared me for the real thing. You really did go over the top didn't you ^^. I must say though it's very good! I love the darkness of it.. the folds in the clothing are very well suggested and I especially like the straps on his arm and his sword. The only thing i can say is that his 6-pack looks a bit too clear cut, you could try just drawing the folds of the clothing as they pass over his belly rather than highlight the individual muscle bundles. I'm none the less very impressed with the way it turned out, you've managed to put a lot of detail in despite the thickness of the pen. Nice one :D
Kaizu 2006-02-01 17:14:08 you should use a thinner pencil aswell next time, just for the thin lines. Especially if you want to draw faces in one of your next drawing. The shape of the body is quite alright, just think the shape of the head is a bit off. You should try drawing with a pencil instead of marker, so you can add shades instead of just black/white.. gives you a lot more freedom to show what you really want to show, like muscles and such.
Zeph 2006-02-01 19:48:38 this is very nice. VERY nice. the wings's feathers are a bit much, but VERY nice work
count_andy 2006-02-02 09:14:03 cheers for the feedback! But yea kaizu, I know what you mean about using a pencil or thinner marker, but If you read what I posted before I only used a thick marker as I wanted to restrict myself to materials-i.e. see what I can come up with. Yea I agree witht he head, it is a bit too far to the right, and benlike, but you can't rub out marker :P O well, I learned a lot from it :P Cheers all Andy :D
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-02-02 15:09:55 Nice wings, can he fly ? :):P
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sketch : a quick one nothing special :P
color : This is my first time using photoshop to color a sketch, I know it sucks T_T 
anyway it is all about a conspiracy (yea i ve watched NHK ) of vampires taking advantage of otakus (no i am not drunk again hik .. not totally hik  )...the sketch above shows how it works !!

case still someone doesn't get it : 
on the left otaku watching anime with lots of fanservice kawaii things etc ...
on the right vampire taking advantage of the situation 

I haven't write such a long description for some time now :P

thelw na dw poso krataei to pisma sou !!!! -___-
So here I am... uploading some REALLY old shit *giggle* ^^
here's a lil somethin i did for one of my friend, thats him, hes explaining the Gaia "religion" he seems to like so much, weird guy... Anyway, i toned it all but my computer had a fatal error so theres no toning! Oh and hes speaking french.
Can you guess who my favorite Naruto-character is? ^_~ (used some reference for this)
I was cleaning my room yesterday... ><; and as I sorted through my video games, I stumbled across Final Fantasy IX and I remembered how my second favorite character, Beatrix, looked 12 even though she was older than that. So I decided today to draw her more late teens like. =P This is the outcome. It's just a sketch... a very awkward pose... and a little shading. XD So... uh.. I guess I'm just posting something  for the sake of posting. =P C&C's are of course welcome. Time: 25 minutes
Something I made for deviantart, new ID, maybe you know the things. Well, I thought, it's art, so I submit it..
ROCK ON!!!!! she crys. lol i dont have a clue why i drew this. i dont even like rock music ;/ but still i luv it!!!!
The legs of the boy are messed up, and the eyes are different from what I usually draw, but I'm happy, u 2??
new technique from me, stroke technique. Use only mouse hahah...What do you think?
reim paej.....main character of "ALTER SUMMONER".....4 more info....write me a comment
This is one of my characters i designed, Im going to colour it on photoshop. The inking isn't very good and my hand slipped a few times. I will fix the bottom of his pants and put his feet in the right perspective. If anything else dosen't look right then please let me know.
Just a little self portrait, cause I have something to confess! I found love in another place! ^^ I'm hardly drawing annymore, cause in my 'free time' I'm filming and editng an item for "tv zwolle" It's cool. It's called Ninjass, and it's about how you can become a ninja in every day life. (like how to sneek food and rides and shit :P) people from around zwolle (holland) are able to see it later this year :P Ps don't mind the qualaty, the scaners here @ school suck -_-'
A shaman is a gifted being who can act as intermediary between the natural & supernatural world, he has the ability to heal & also to see into the past, present & future. He can summon spirits to aide him in combat.