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AAAAHHHHH Look aT thIs h0w nIce  :P
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AAA-LAZEX-disign AAAAHHHHH Look aT thIs h0w nIce :P
Def Character 2006-01-31 13:28:03 LOL one can see that you've put a lot of effort into this one ^^ Keep m coming...
r7ll 2006-01-31 15:30:51 I like it ^^
Zeph 2006-02-01 13:09:25 nice, but ive definatly seen this before...did you post another like it?
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Random art
Just an old art sketch i did, i kinda like it.
The Wull
hello,i like this one,is a type of mage from ff tact. and wanted to draw it....and i put it here for the ff well what do you think...? it took me 30 finish it..
Well, I used to watch every X-men ep on tv, and on a (once again) nothing-to-do evening I made this drawing of a girl in X-men style. Haven't got a name for it, any suggestions?
this is anna from shaman king, and no shes not holding a paddle(as aprporiate as it may seem) its a wooden sword, ya anime sucks, manga rocks
my submission for the soon to be announced 'horror' contest!
(don't mind the feraky colours , I got lazy and messed everything up!)
This is a sketch of, eh, 6 of the guys of Spotlight, a manga I'm making. This is (in order from right to left, top to bottom) Jinya, Shin, Tetsuji, Soichiro, Ryouta, and Gyousei. There are 2 missing.
Here's Hideo again. Made of bodyparts from different Kazahana family members.
My first upload here (I think I joined years ago but I don't remember what happened then). This image is a couple years old, it was done for a friend, so the character isn't mine, it's his.
"Shin" from Spotlight, the same as before. This is the main character. Ironically, he was designed orginally as a 'bad boy' type... Oh, and "Shin" is not his real name.
An elf who looks sad :( (^0^)
FURRYTIME! rrrrrrrrrr Furry :3
i was doing nothing so i wanted to color something. fairly fast nothing special. this is sheena from the tales of least i tried.
these mechas are my own design. if i did a series they would be in it.
Here's KBP1, another cyborg from the "Kazahana Family Mass Battle" story.