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A picture of Luffy from One Piece
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DeAnn A picture of Luffy from One Piece
r7ll 2006-01-29 12:18:21 lol very nice. I like the way you've done the highlights by avoiding colouring different areas, I always find that I go over the highlighted areas with the colouring and have to go back with white paint to apply the highlihts again.
Def Character 2006-01-29 13:27:19 Ehm the lightsources seem to come from many different directions. The colouring itself looks very prommissing ^^
KEITH 2006-01-30 23:52:11 This show womps but nice pic I like the fingers because they are hard to do I can tell you erased
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Random art
Super quick sketch of...just some random cartoon guy. Then i gave him a detective hat so i guess that makes him a detective. :P I've recently been experimenting with more cartoonish styles but haven't been able to replicate it with my tablet =[  this one was done with my tablet though in photoshop 5.0 in probably like 15 minutes
Bad scanner, bad drawing except for the sunglasses dude, i kinda like the outcome of that one, the hands were hard :P
Right im not particulaly fond of DBZ but this b goku reason for drawing it is quite sad lol hear goes:
my friend at collage sed i didnt like dbz cause i couldent draw like it so i errm proved him rong i think XD heheh YEAH IM CHILDISH SOOOO 
anyhow ja ne i dedicate this to um dbz fans around the world woohoo shame it aint a cool character but meh  sayonara
had to reload the pic with the 18+ warning, heh.  An old color pic that I did with the wacom when I first got it.

Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
This is my latest pic, all the rest I   submitted were recent, but few months   old. Pictures are taking longer and   longer to finish... is this a good   sign??? O_o

Prismacolor markers and pencils on   Bristol. A scene of two boys playing   with whatever they have. ^_^; The boy in   the front looks extremely like one of   the other boy I have in my gallery,   wasn't intended, but even the clothes   are the same...
Naruto and Hinata my fave love team.... ^____^ hope they'll be the one who will be lovers at the end... i don't want sakura to be naruto's love team. i am not against her on anyway, i just like the character of hinata
Another request art^^'

This artwork is sort of based on Yu-Gi-Oh! with the card. But I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, so I made a card of Shiva. I know the scanner made my picture blue, I can't help it.
getting away from my style and trying something more anime. It's Yugioh...comments and crits?