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This is a sketch of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. It came out kinda crappy though becuz my scanner cut sum of the picture off
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DeAnn This is a sketch of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. It came out kinda crappy though becuz my scanner cut sum of the picture off
r7ll 2006-01-29 12:25:15 Nice detailing! You could do with varying your line thickness a bit, with drawings of that detail it pays to have a bit of subtlety. By applying thin and thick lines in areas of highlight and shadow respectively, you can suggest detail without actually defining it. If you have the same line throughout the picture can turn out a bit flat. In short, do with the belt what you did with the feathers on her boot ^^
Def Character 2006-01-29 13:24:44 very nice detail ^^
banditfsp8 2006-01-30 20:05:52 wow deann! u really took time with this one huh? very nice!
KEITH 2006-09-01 05:41:34 this is cool nice detail on her belt supplies.
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