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zeo-x (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x zeo-x (c) emerson tung
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-27 10:52:26 nice i like this
r7ll 2006-01-27 14:31:00 Awesome. I particularly like the rust effect on the metal plates of his armour.
Def Character 2006-01-27 23:11:24 Coolness... ^^
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first try with markers. not that great, but it was fun. I called him sparky and it kind of stuck...
This is one of my OC's, Jamie Narwhal. She stole an iPod from her cousin Wallace. I'll draw him later. ^^ Jamie Narwhal is MY character, K? You MAY NOT use her without asking me, or I'll eat you. Seriously.
I'v draw it with a tablet ^^
and I'v collored it^^ I like it but I know not much people like this XD haha
long time no see my pcs dead im at ym gfs this  is for an idea i had about monkey ppl but im not keen on the guys hair any 1 got any ideas?
this is a little doodle i was doing while trying to do some studying.
... (
I'm kinda proud of this sketch. I cleaned it more than usually and I like the concept. The most difficult parts where the hand and the umbrella strangely enough. I will colour this one in the future ^^. I used reference for some parts ><

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Happy Halloween!
This is a quick drawing I did of Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater. If you ask me I think his eyes are a little messed up here but I was in school and not trying my best. I hope you all like it XD...By the way, this is drawn from an existing picture of Soul Eater! I did not create this original pose!
Tayori Yume
a sketch of a close friend of mine.
just a normal school girl ^-^
Pages 7 and 8 of Chapter 6 AOY yay =D
fantransformer. its teh snakeyes. transforms into teh sports car. snakeyes (c) emerson tung.

Zydrate Robber