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zeo-x (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x zeo-x (c) emerson tung
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-27 10:52:26 nice i like this
r7ll 2006-01-27 14:31:00 Awesome. I particularly like the rust effect on the metal plates of his armour.
Def Character 2006-01-27 23:11:24 Coolness... ^^
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Random art
a work in progress.
yoko from tengen toppa gurren lagann.
Dustin C.
Wow, it's been a really long time since i uploaded some work here. Time has past ( i think, 4-5 years or so?) and i've finally found the time, strength, patience and will to upload some new work.

This one's about an emo kid getting caught up in a fight after school.

Tools : Wacom Tablet / Corel Painter X / PS CS2
Production Time : App. 4 hrs.

Please do visit my DeviantArt, since i can't check here all the time :
colored it. Don't really like the clouds that much... might change that later. hope you all digs
A night elf from world of warcraft :) based on my night elf druid
Submitted this for my AnimeNewsNetwork Naruto OC contest ^_^;

Arena Nando
i drew this 4 my cusin she wanted to have her bedroom in leperd print and asked me to design a character  her so i felt abloyged ^-^. i hope u like it too!!
Still working on the shading and stuf... but feeling tired now so, just wanted to upload it already, because it's near finished anyway and there wont be any big changes, so I hope you guys like it
an waitress, not happy with it at all >.< criticize please!!
McSquared is a smart guy with a stone cold stare. His favorite food is Pi.
Here is the sketch that I uploaded earlier. I'm not that good at this yet, this is my first photoshop coloring. My shading especially is not that good.
Andalyn Van Hellsing
This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
Cho Hakkai in demon form
dante again...
Well, Hello...this is the first site that I'm gonna post my artworks..and this is the first artwork i posted...ahm, i know that this isn't an anime/manga but please let me start posting in a religious way(mama Mary)..hihihihihi....c&c are alwayz welcome...:)

--by the way, i screwed up her lips--