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zeo-x (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x zeo-x (c) emerson tung
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-27 10:52:26 nice i like this
r7ll 2006-01-27 14:31:00 Awesome. I particularly like the rust effect on the metal plates of his armour.
Def Character 2006-01-27 23:11:24 Coolness... ^^
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this image create bn painter8
hamid ghalijari
For a contest for a friend; his original character, Blade of Fire. 

Goes well with the title Through the Fire and Flames (darn my addiction to DragonForce)
This is my first sketch I have upload. I hope you like it.
Kratos from God of War as a rockstar.
Long time no see.... again... anyway!
Just started sketching a fail body and started to draw more stuff around the body, then I sketched the "details" in and I got this. Thought it kinda looked like a front cover and I do like it a little, although it has a lot of mistakes =( Hopefully I can fix them all XD
Kej, uploading some old stuff first. Made this one last year.
yeah.... only one who have seen this is Ayla. Made this crap like 8 or 9 months ago. and the thumb has the best colours ever. DAMN MUSKITOOOOOOOOO SZzz! break ye neck flying biotch!
old art time.  I found it and decided to upload it cause I don't have anything else lol.
these mechas are my own design. if i did a series they would be in it.
hey this is my first pic on mangaworkshop, its also my first ever pic that i colored on photoshop, its kind of my tribute to my nyc trip, enjoy! comments welcome...
Action manga ongoing serie.

Page 19
this is one of my first dragons please give me some hints on drawing them (o^.^o);
Yumi, Germaine's half sis and nemesis, i rarely draw her i dunno why, well here she is
okay , for one this picture prooves that some people (like myself) can get worse by drawing more...seriously , I'm a self-respecting artist , but the sh*t I keep drawing the past month is beyond words...I make too many mistakes , can't come up with original ideas or poses...I'm telling you , I'm in a downfall! but no worries , I'm going to take drawing more seriously an will be taking art class 8 hours a week! if that doesn't help , well...