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Haven't uploaded a thing in a while. So I thought I'd upload something. This is something. ;P
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konflikti Haven't uploaded a thing in a while. So I thought I'd upload something. This is something. ;P
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-25 10:40:38 scary good! but scary
r7ll 2006-01-25 10:59:43 Oooh grOOveh style! Great sketch there.. nice and creepy!
count_andy 2006-01-25 14:32:48 wooo! Upload more, these are sweet! :P
count_andy 2006-01-25 14:33:11 Reminds me of my biology teacher... scary
Def Character 2006-01-26 02:11:00 b^_^d
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-01-31 13:04:36 whoo great self portrait hehe :P
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Random art
hah, interesting story on this one actually.  Anyone read Misfile?  Admittedly, it was inspired by it ;^^  For those who don't know, one of the characters has the misfortune of being turned from a boy into a girl.  Somehow, I actually had the thought "I wonder what I'd look like if I was a guy?"  I guess this is the image that came to mind xD  bah, it still needs a background though =P  I never can come up with them xP
another work in progress...
I've decided to abandon the other rikku pic, simply because I didn't really feel like finishing it (and I was completely unsatisfied with her face), so here's a new one :)
This one isn't finished either, but eh, it's -more- finished >.>
It's been a while huh?
Here's a little something :3
working on landscapes and such... this one is based off of a dream I had... was very fun to draw...
Digi art I was experimenting on.  I was surprised on how it turned out.  I really liked it.

Zydrate Robber
under a magical sea
the discription in the drawing says:

Tell me we'll go here sometimes.

just the two of us.
I love bad they don't exist.
anyway...hope you like it ^ ^
just sketchinnn'
it's from a story called "magic stone"
wich my friends and i created ^^ 
(solin, djoeke, love you)
please comment >_<
I drew this 10 minutes ago on Photoshop.  Haven't practiced drawing with my mouse all summer >_<; It's a younger reincarnation of one of my characters ^-^ (for some reason the arms and legs look funny to me)