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nadia (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x nadia (c) emerson tung
r7ll 2006-01-24 11:17:31 The design is beautiful, but her pose looks a little too static- I think her body should be positioned in such a way that she's counter-balancing the weight of the sword. Very nicely done nonetheless
Def Character 2006-01-25 02:39:25 Now for a background ^^
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Random art
had fun with this one... :)
A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
Well, this is one of those things i said someday i would do, "follow the process step by step", and i kinda like how it came out. i hope that the resemblance with Lara Croft won't kill me :7
C&C are welcome until the sun comes down...
im a fan of princess peach so i decided to create an anime vertion of her i thout a slepy pose would look cute ^-^
let me know what you think
Connor from Outkasts. and Aubury... maybe a new... 80's looking character... haven't decided yet, lol
Look at the middle face...
Just saw him and tried to copy the works from the famous Masashi Kishimoto. One of the Many Manga authors that I look up to .
^^ I hope you like the collored version too..
Again no colour:( still waitin for mi tablet to b returned to me!!! but anyway, heres a line art character concept that im hoping to put through photoshop- i'm quite happy with it. i planned for him to be a samurai in his casual wear by the coast^^enjoy! any ideas on colours or what i could improve?
I'm still brainstorming about designing characters (0_<) I personally think her eyes are cute XD. owh and her left hand might be a a bit of though
YES! its done!
I must say I'm verry pleased with the result!
I used marcer and color pencil to color the girl and references from a real CD-box to make the detailes on the CD... finishing touches in photoshop.


This is the first of a small series of girls and signs, tips and idears are welcome!

let me know what you think!
^^; Trying out a new way of coloring. This was inspired by many cool pics I came across in internet. It made me feel good to know there's many better artists out there than me. I feel so inspired ^_^ P.S: Happy New Year! -- Pen: Pilot G-tech, Color and bg by Photoshop 7. Total time spent: 14 hours.
"SHEIK" my fav character of  The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time