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i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.
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Silence i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.
Wicked_Lady 2006-01-24 05:03:30 Oh, wow. She's really pretty, I like this pic^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-01-24 11:22:12 Great, nicely done ;)
r7ll 2006-01-24 11:25:40 Oh my goodness that's beautiful :o It's so graceful.. so elegant.. the lines just sweep me
Def Character 2006-01-25 02:45:21 great clean it up and it will be great
Zeph 2006-01-25 15:34:18 wow this is great. just her chin seems too thick for the entire body. but this is REALLY REALLY...REALLY good. the hair, the clothing. so greaceful. wow
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here is another one tell me the tips i
need thank you
The reason I breath is Nikos....

my OC Xaiyu is a half breed, so this deal with the baby would upset her a lil more than it would a normal woman..
Artwork Lozz  
Colour Def.

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Def Character
New character, Nichole Greens © Gabby Oduro
This is what you get when you sing along lyrics from Electric Six loud on the streets.
I hope this to be better :3 please C&C
requested by Jaundra (from SA)
One of my older pics. Just wanted to post it back up on here so newer members could see it. ;)
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
Made this using Sai, Probably my very first art using the said software. Took me around 5 hours. Including the line art.
OMG Rin you tard why don't you ever get off your lazy ass and color something in CS3? 

Cause I'm a lazy College student who has other art projects to worry about. 

SCREW YOU POTTERY!!*shakes fit* Ahem...Sorry.

Anyway. This is sassy, saucy, seductive Eve Dresden from the Lackadaisy Forum Rp. She's a calico cop and speakeasy singer. And she's my character.

Yes her left arm is a bit wonky and the color got killed  by scanner but oh well. I stil like it a bit.

But other than that...shred and tear it apart.

Lackadaisy copyright Tracy
Eve Dresden copyright Rin
i made a sketch of a nurse when i was board ^_^
pencil no jutsu
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