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markers + pencil crayons

not anime style, I like it, atmospheric and gloomy. and yes, that's a condom.
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Kkachi markers + pencil crayons not anime style, I like it, atmospheric and gloomy. and yes, that's a condom.
r7ll 2006-01-24 11:19:40 Very atmospheric, and can I just applaud you on the amazing zip colouring.. it's only a small detail i know but i've seen so many badly drawn/coloured zips around, this one is spot on :D
Zeph 2006-01-25 15:36:29 wow. thanks for the "yes, that's a condom" because yeah, FIRST thing that came to my mind. no joke. anyway this is great
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Haha I did this for my sister's birthday.
Decided to do something different today .... it resulted in this bunny/deformed pikachu/ monster thingie .... I also found out that I'm awful at sewing >.<''
It's a Chibi
my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung
This is the illustration I made for the CIL contest 2005. The topic has been friendship... and I know it's the typical motiv, but since I draw a comic too, I want to draw a light illu for the illustration contest.

Well.. it's for Lysander, since the picture is for her.
ive made this from a picture of miyavi
i recolored his shirt and hat xD its the first time doing something like this, a friend of mine does it  all the time so i wanted to try it out. it isnt very good tough.. :p
Gomenasai~! (My bad-.-) I know, photo again...anyway, its ink on pink vanguard. Some random characters i created as classroom decoration for x-mas...^-^
Still, do comment~!
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"Dear Daughter,
This map will lead you to a wonderful 'golden' treasure.
The journey will be treacherous, but I am sure that you
will be greeted with a good day!"
just a little narrative to accompany the pic. 
i wanted to work on my coloring and a friend of mine has some awesome work that just had to be colored. funny thing she told me about the characters, the girl was a redhead, and the guy a blonde! (and i find this out after i had colored the hair.)
Lineart - Junkstuff
Color -  Me!
go check out her pages, she deserves it!
her DA: http//
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Dustin C.
( i found this picture and imitatated it. im not completely sure on the anime name.