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Umm.... I was bored... hence in background lol. I really like the way her hair came out.... C&C please
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Merink Umm.... I was bored... hence in background lol. I really like the way her hair came out.... C&C please
Zeph 2006-01-22 18:24:00 errrrrr. the backrground is a little wierd. The hair came out nice actually, but the huge highlight makes it look more of white hair than a highlight. Nice job though
count_andy 2006-01-23 08:00:47 the eyes need to be more focussed-its a problem lots of people have, where the eyes dont seem to be focussed at anything-only there. The main problem with this is her right eye (her right) as it is too small and too flat, but other than that, v nice :D
Merink 2006-01-24 18:37:44 thanx for the critques, i'll work on it <3
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i draw this for fun and i like what came up hope you like it to ^^
pencil no jutsu
This is one of my characters i designed, Im going to colour it on photoshop. The inking isn't very good and my hand slipped a few times. I will fix the bottom of his pants and put his feet in the right perspective. If anything else dosen't look right then please let me know.
i colored my chocobo knight pic :)
Kingdom Hearts 2 STILL hasn't been released in the U.K !!!!
I might use this as one of the covers for my biology book being completed, I kind of like the contrast of the characters and I finally got them to look the way I want. Anyways, Biology, its characters and ideas are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque. Will color later.
>>swEEt MeMory...(^.^)
Inspired by the movie "TLOTR".
Two friends of me are always talking about Naruto, and they both are sending me pictures of characters, so i saw Sasuke and he looks cute for a anime chara! ^^;; But when i started with the sketch i messed up the clothing cos i didn't print a picture of him.. but i sort of tried to fix it.. ^^;; Never saw an eps. of Naruto though..
Outlines: black pen
Medium: TRIA-marker, watercolour
Skin: oil-crayons
Background: TRIA-marker, watercolour partial sprayed
Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
Time: 25 - 30 h
Erm i drew this an age ago its been like hidden away for ages and i found it. Well its still pretty crap but :P
Billie the Penguin
Another eye..
Dustin C.
zacky vengeance from avenged sevenfold. JPEG screwed up the colors.