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Watercolor on paper, the pose from one of my favorite artist, Tsukumo Gou.
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Kkachi Watercolor on paper, the pose from one of my favorite artist, Tsukumo Gou.
Kkachi 2006-01-21 10:22:17 oops, I was going to submit a different pic but I submitted this instead. It's no way markers and open canvas ^^; but watercolor.
Zeph 2006-01-21 12:03:37 i dont get why he has wiskers......but nice. Really nice. his left hand looks alittle wierd. but it's the right im confused. Nice job though
r7ll 2006-01-21 15:37:22 Ye I think the fingers on the left hand have one too many joints, they wouldn't curl all the way back on themselves. Otherwise an impressice pic :D
mama_logon 2006-01-25 12:50:39 I like the coloring, well done
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yeap, im still learning to use open canvas .... look how cute this one looks!!! im happy about the colorwork but a few things are wrong: im not use to do boys so i dont like his mouth and nose but i like his hair =D ... and the "handcuff" (some sort of handcuff) they are suppous to be one piece of some material without chain in the middle .... it didnt turn out well ... oh yes, i dont like HIS left hand, the wrist is too big!!! arggg .. anyway comments are welcome ^^ .... note: i reuploaded the pic after fixing his face .... now its more simetric :D, almost fix his hands and added some shadows to the girls hand ... note2: rereuploaded now he has an angry expression on his face ..... oh yes, added some pattern onto the bed sheet
Cho Hakkai in demon form
markers + pencil crayons

not anime style, I like it, atmospheric and gloomy. and yes, that's a condom.
i saw the naruto/sasuke pic on the internet and decided to add gaara and sai
I made this dragon while i was on the beach xD ... i mainly colored it with 2 Grey tria markers and after that i used  the cloud filter in photoshop to make it a little less plain :P... btw fear his manly boobs ;D
My crappy and cheap business card... please comment.
Poor Guy -_-

Prismacolor pencil on Prismacolor markers, with help of just a bit of photoshop filter (blur). I'm still not sure what rating   this should have...
Teaser page for my manga.
Art (c) 2009 Sophie Mann, Squiditha Art Inc.
Sophie Mann
This is one of my favorite non-inked manga drawings.
I was just trying out different styles. I know some aren't as tidy as it should be, but eeehh, I'm not doing it all over again :)
hmmwell it's not really manga but i'm a little proud of my kitty
A shaman is a gifted being who can act as intermediary between the natural & supernatural world, he has the ability to heal & also to see into the past, present & future. He can summon spirits to aide him in combat.
some old picture...3 or 4 years old