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Watercolor on paper, the pose from one of my favorite artist, Tsukumo Gou.
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Kkachi Watercolor on paper, the pose from one of my favorite artist, Tsukumo Gou.
Kkachi 2006-01-21 10:22:17 oops, I was going to submit a different pic but I submitted this instead. It's no way markers and open canvas ^^; but watercolor.
Zeph 2006-01-21 12:03:37 i dont get why he has wiskers......but nice. Really nice. his left hand looks alittle wierd. but it's the right im confused. Nice job though
r7ll 2006-01-21 15:37:22 Ye I think the fingers on the left hand have one too many joints, they wouldn't curl all the way back on themselves. Otherwise an impressice pic :D
mama_logon 2006-01-25 12:50:39 I like the coloring, well done
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Hello mws. Long time dudes...

This is Spiderman fanart. Blackcat is the babe... If you know me then you know I hate bg's... but still working on doing good bg's... It's really uncool of me not being around here anymore, but thats because the cool old folks aint around here either it seems. Like Deetris and AIKUZA och other lovely old mws members... gonna try be more active
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Comment ^^
Yo wassup peepz! Haven't been around much lately, school's killing us with an abundance of projects 0_0 Got a weekend off so why not practice my drawing skillz right? Here's tonight's result, mah cousin. All pentool.

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and here's the final result hope it can be seen here.
oh and if you want to use it, feel free to do it
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cleaning this one up to color it possibly later
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