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this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
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Zeph this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
Merink 2006-01-20 19:21:05 i love it, the cow is so cute <3
r7ll 2006-01-21 01:52:34 Lol pretty nice. I agree with aphrodite, the cow is awesome ^^. very well drawn aswell. Just a note on teh composition.. It seems a bit top-heavy.. There's a lot going on in the top half but towards the bottom it's a bit empty. Perhaps a bit of balancing/cropping needed, but hey that's a really minor point. Good work :D
Heartless-night 2006-01-21 13:37:27 great,love the anatomy and her realistic exprecion. keep it up!^^
AIKUZA 2006-01-23 14:50:11 vey nice sketch. the cow looks just a little bit out of the style compared to her. The balloon need some minor attention too. But all is cool dude ^^
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Random art

Going on with the non violence drawing here. It's always weird how my original ideas seem to turn out to something different, like this.
i didnt get any further with these pics... school and awesome new pspgames and a mangacontest interupted me... even the darkcloud doesnt seem to feel very well...
this is another fanart of naruto.

i thought my other drawing was a bit boring so i made it different from before.

i worked witj pastel en u used normal pencils for the background.

i've been working on this whole night long! and i am (still) very proud of it.

there was one little problem though: 

i had to scan the drawing twice because of its size.
my scanner is for A4 but i made the drawing on A3.

and i made a little color change with photoshop ;)
Seraphim is the name of an angel. I drew her in Human form

This said, I say it again. It's not finished, just a quick doodle to get a general idea of what's it going to be someday. C&C required!!! Kinda want some advice on how to shade, what colors to use and most important, how to get a smooth, clean line in Photoshop. So ehm... yeah, I'm asking for help ^_^
was abou time i added something
its just a sketch but..
but ill add more soon =)
WHO remembers yugioh??
this is a self portret of me. it's from a couple of years ago and witha little fantasie around me.. and?
Yay, my very first picture!
Just a simple pic I did a little while ago that brings happy peaceful feelings to me :)
pleez leave comment and let me know what you think.
>>hehee...i'm back!!!..
Well i havent uploaded in a while so i deceided to draw something quick. I deceided to try and draw something chibi, never did that before.. turned out  quite funny i think. Ill draw something better when ive got the time again.. Bye ^^
neji commission from otakon 
wot do ya think