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i think her butt looks abit too big.critique needed so please be honest.
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Silence i think her butt looks abit too big.critique needed so please be honest.
roxysurfjam 2006-01-15 18:49:40 her but is a bit too big...but she's still sexy and a funny galaxy angel. i love you work.... it's neatly done....i bet it will look more alive with colors....i love vanilla
Wicked_Lady 2006-01-16 07:13:22 Gee, this one's really nice, I really like it^^ I dont think her but's too big, it gives the picture something extra. At least I think so... Maybe a little work on the hand, I know they're hard, have trouble with 'em myself ^^'But it's really sweet!
Def Character 2006-01-16 13:23:40 Nice one...
ukkie 2006-01-18 10:43:32 very cute! her butt might be a little on the big side, but it's not disturbing, actually I think it gives a sexy accent ^_~ I agree with wicked lady, some more work on the hands and then color it and this pic is perfect ^_^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-01-19 05:28:17 hehe cool :_)
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I dedicate this one to Tupac Amaru Shakur(1971-1996).

Persephone is daughter of Zeus & Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Hades in Greek mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina. After being abducted by Hades, she lives in the Underworld for six months & with Demeter for the rest of the year.
Luffy D Monkey - One Piece!
my 2d entry i made at breakpoint 2007 .. dont think ill will win tho, because ive seen all the entrys and there some stuff in it thats just a few lvl higher of what i can make :P
At the request of one of my friend, i drew a sleeping angel for her. it took me a very long time to do, espeically due to the fact that i never drew angel wings before. i had to do alot of fixes to the picture, as well as redraw the wings about 4-5 times with improvement as well as change the style of the wings. overall, the wings turn out ok, needs more practise. i had to reject the last change to the wings cuz i got lazy and tire of redoing the wings agian, lol. the wing took longer than the image itself to draw XD all that is left is to cg it, which im not very good at =( also i dunno what artype i should put this under, lol. start off as a nude sketch onto pencil to inking on ps ^_^;
Trying extreme dificoult perspectives. Worked out fine I guess. But I'm not that happy with the chair she's sitting in.
Ok, so i drew this a while ago in corel (when i didn't realize photoshop was much better ^_^ ) and i redid all the line art and stuff in photoshop then recolored it. Hope you like it =P comment please b^^
This is my own character from my manga few years ago. I forgot the name though.
Try to make her alive again ^^
I was still doodling around and I somehow managed to draw an Osaka-chan look-a-like XD (azumanga daioh) hahaha
A drawing of Prince Dooshi and Prince Akil, Nai and Kazi's little brothers.
Hey Mangaworkshop denizens. It's been a long while since I posted anything. Unfortunately, most of my work nowadays is in the form of 3D models, so I don't get to draw as much as I'd like. but I just wanted to post this one. It's nothing terribly special, but it's cute, and it's sexy, so I thought you guys would enjoy it. Let me know what you think. ^_^ (It doesn't really have any nudity or blood in it, but I figured it was suggestive enough to warrant the thumbnail tag)
Hey everybody! Comment my pic. cuzz it's cool!
if you want to see the original look in my sketches

 i finally mastered the pen tool now to master shading.
Testing my new blue pen. It's kinda cool XD Inked by Blue Sharpie and little bits shading by color pencil.