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a doodle i decided to practice marker coloring on ^^
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MatthiusMonkey a doodle i decided to practice marker coloring on ^^
Zeph 2006-01-14 18:41:24 i like it. nice. and how you didnt do the entire backround works. I like the gray in the clothing. jsut one thing. His right hand, wwould bend the exact opposite way (try to do that with your hand, and you'll understand what i mean)
Def Character 2006-01-16 12:56:46 Me likes 2 ^^
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This is Bobby in Wonderland. Things have gone pretty sour since Alice left @_@
just sketchinnn'
Just a little doodle, but I quite like how it turned out, especially the guy. Comment please ^_^
i have been working on this character for a while and i think i got it done prety good 

please leave comments telling me what you think of it
Vandread Fan art

Lee Henrik
Well, This is Just A CopY x) I've Draw it on my bureau.
i hope ive improved since the last time i was on msw... sketched up a character design for my friends d&d game
Yay, my very first picture!
Just a simple pic I did a little while ago that brings happy peaceful feelings to me :)
avatar last ir bender
kitara water bending
i hope they make season of the show soon
I should have quit while i was ahead......................................
*whistles*  white honestly, this took all of, mm, mebbe 15 minutes (to color).  ^^  It was going to take longer..I was gonna do all the shading and smudging I usually do, but I was playing around with transparency effects, and lo and behold, this showed up on the screen oO  I didn't have the heart not to save it, so here it is ^^  I may go back and color her again, the way I had meant to today, but for now we get to look at this nifty thang ;D hehe
I leafed through my old sketches & found one of the centaur, Chiron (tutor of great warriors; Achiles, to name one). I did well to keep my sektches! Sketches = Ideas. Never throw ideas away! So, I said to myself, "let's make a new centaur - The Centaur King!"