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some marker coloring ^^ 
wat colour hair should he have i was thingin dark red
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MatthiusMonkey some marker coloring ^^ wat colour hair should he have i was thingin dark red
Zeph 2006-01-14 18:40:05 i dont know the color for the hair, sorry about that. The skin is nicely covered, but im not a fan of the way that the hair falls. But it's REALLY good
r7ll 2006-01-15 11:48:53 Dark red sounds good to me, or even just white. The skin colouring's awesome, what marker pens do you use?
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-15 13:42:16 kurecolor i think the r called i get them, from collage thanks btw hehe
Kheine 2006-01-15 14:37:43 like the others :D
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-16 13:46:55 sloppy ? says the one ony took like 5minuests to draw n wat do u meen by slopy
ish 2011-04-23 02:39:38 Anyone whos saying this is sloppy is overly critical. I love the strength in his neck, and how he looks intensely masculine
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