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some marker coloring ^^ 
wat colour hair should he have i was thingin dark red
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MatthiusMonkey some marker coloring ^^ wat colour hair should he have i was thingin dark red
Zeph 2006-01-14 18:40:05 i dont know the color for the hair, sorry about that. The skin is nicely covered, but im not a fan of the way that the hair falls. But it's REALLY good
r7ll 2006-01-15 11:48:53 Dark red sounds good to me, or even just white. The skin colouring's awesome, what marker pens do you use?
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-15 13:42:16 kurecolor i think the r called i get them, from collage thanks btw hehe
Kheine 2006-01-15 14:37:43 like the others :D
MatthiusMonkey 2006-01-16 13:46:55 sloppy ? says the one ony took like 5minuests to draw n wat do u meen by slopy
ish 2011-04-23 02:39:38 Anyone whos saying this is sloppy is overly critical. I love the strength in his neck, and how he looks intensely masculine
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Random art
I call this picture, "Handel's Girl."
Sketch for the Floating cities collab thing on the MWS forums. ^_^ Comments and Crits welcome!
Yay i finaly coloured it. Toke me about 5 hours to colour. Crits please...!
pencil no jutsu
Haven't uploaded anything on this site for God-knows-how long. Partly because I haven't drawn anything in over 6 months. Nothing fancy, just trying out my new pens
This is actually form I think over a month and a half ago... I don't remeber. I just got it back from my english teacher today. I entered this pice in a contest for the team litterary magazine. (I feel so professional having me picture on a magazine cover! =3 ...Even if it is a crappy 8th grade magazine... X3)O_o Ack. There's so much I wanna fix now. TT_TT
Writing, drawing, and laughing this is what Po spent of her time doing, day in and out - but laughing about what? Laughing about death, her favorite subject to study. Completely human, she uses her writing and drawings to help her in a fight - with oil their able to come to life. 

Her family dead, she spent most of time in a military training camp for kids, later on enrolling to Dullant Academy. Despite her loving death she is a go lucky girl, til you touch anything of hers without her permission. 

Read The Story Here:
Cammy's new outfit.
Hi, my name is Kan. I am a Vietnamese who loves manga drawing. My dream is to draw a manga. I hope that every one will support me. 
This is the drawing in Gothic style. :)
i likey his hair :D
finally some time for an actual lineart. It's Kyo from SDK. Comments and critizms are nice
Well here's another one of mine, I was basing him on Shin Sawada from Gokusen, but I kinda went of track. Oh well, he's nameless at the moment too. ^_~
some random sketches, the right picture might have a few anatomy flaws. owh well XD every flaw a new time to draw
Schoolwork, assignment was in pairs. He did the lineart, I did the coloring. Figured I'd try out those copic markers, it's the 4th try or something like that. I'm kinda starting to like those markers ^^
One of the later main antagonists in my comic. I know I messed up with the hand.

 	BTW, sorry for taking so long to post new pictures, I haven't drawn lately because I'm drawing the actual comic itself now.