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Something done with only the mouse. A random girl, i think i'm gonna use it for my id. we'll see. Comment plze.
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CynikSama Something done with only the mouse. A random girl, i think i'm gonna use it for my id. we'll see. Comment plze.
Def Character 2006-01-03 23:47:09 Very prrty. Me like to see more of these girl ^^
r7ll 2006-01-04 11:32:54 Woah, with a mouse? Well done! I sorta feel you pain.. I was using a mouse for 8 years before I got my tablet (a week ago). The pic's beautiful. I LOVE the eyes, and it's pretty much perfect apart from the hair which while very good, looks a tad stiff, but that's to be expected with a mouse. I'd love to see more of your stuff!
jackson 2006-01-04 13:02:36 nice
Zeph 2006-01-04 13:37:51 wow, this is nice. and it would look great as your id, (and avatar for MWS!!!) the eyes are nice, but i think the lips do it for me
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Random art
i made this for a friend of mine
this is somekind of self portait...i know the eyes are a bit off but i like the neckless :P

and i am sorry for the stripe somewhere around the chin...i had to scan the picture 2 times because my drawing was to big....bad scanner!! :P
I haven't drawn in a very long time, i know, i suck =p <br/><br/>
just a simple picture, had quite an issue with drawing the outfit fold for the girl on the right tho ^^; i dunno can't think of any way to fix the problem beside for taking a shortcut and drawing those shaded areas.<br/><br/>

if you can point out the mistake in the outfit, i will be surely grateful. especially if you draw the lining for me to see ^^;<br/><br/>

o yea, i was also trying out different hair style too. its my first time drawing the hair like the girl on the left. i know, i need more practice =(
unfinished, but I am still working on it ;).
ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! lol well it was when i drew this ^.^
ive been trying diff. styles. but i alwayz love drawing clothes.
A sketch of a super hero girl.
This idea just kind of popped into my head. I'm not sure if i'll finish it or not, but i think it could turn out pretty nice. C+C would be much appreciated on this one. I already kind of set up a bg city scape with a sun setting but color schemes and anatomy crit would be great ^_^
The reason I drew this is because while I've been playing Ragnarok Online, I've seen lot's of guys playing as girl characters. So I made this character who's named Scarf (the guy in the front). He plays as a girl Priest character and he fell in love with her. Since she isn't real, he decided to dress up as a girl so he could be more like her. He's wearing a Deviruchi hat, and even though regular Deviruchi hats are black this one is red because I didn't have any black pastels.

I drew it with a mechanical pencil, used pastels for coloring and then scanned it in and edited it some more on Photoshop. I'm not really sure what category this would fit into, so I put it into this one. >o<
Another character...sry bout the lighting (let's hope the size is a bit better)...yeah i eyes
for my manga
I have waited a while before uploading the colored version =) well here it is. I'm really happy 'bout how it turned out, it looks very clean. sorry 'bout the belt XD it hasn't been changed, but I will think about it the next time ^_^thx

itachi san96
...B&C 2#