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a new made character with evil fish.....hehehehe....her name is Lili.....
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roxysurfjam a new made character with evil fish.....hehehehe....her name is Lili.....
Def Character 2005-12-27 23:26:14 Great design ^^
Killer-Kun 2005-12-28 10:58:41 ehehe
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A concept piece for the III Thieves Pinball Adventure game, a pinball game based on the steampunk adventures of the III thieves.
Fooling around with open canvas and a fast sketch :)
Damn my crappy scanner! The original looks so much better! ;_; Anyway, here are 2 lolita-gothic girls! They're not really striking a pose or anything, but I just wanted to concentrate on the clothes ^_^
i was bored and yea i didnt know what to draw.....-_-;
i made this for a friend of mine

well cyber chick is finnished i know the stomic is to large but it would be to mutch work to change it :D well sorry for the simple background , immmmmm lazy >_<. well now im going to start a A3 link fan-art so be prepared XD
Inuyasha picture I had re-drawn. Its old and doesn't have any detail 'cause I didn't do detail back then
Gah! I rushed this drawing... I feel bad... *cries* I'm planning to fix it though and make it better. (Yeah! ^^)
This is my friend's made up character named Ryu. We didn't have a visual of him, so I made a drawing of him with her permission. Yeah... I need to redraw it... :( The hair kind of reminds me of Daiskue's hair off of DN Angel.
I started but I become a little lazy, so I decide to  finish it later ;p
Another OC from Hokori ('w') V
Caesar continued. not finished yet but i kinda like it so far. i've spent so long on this O_O but umm...i dont like his face its turning out really crummy T_T so i guess ill just show it when im done w/ the whole thing
Very old