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my very first hentai-like art XD I made it because
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Shinfate my very first hentai-like art XD I made it because "someone" asked me to though XD but it was fun making it. comments?
Def Character 2005-12-18 12:59:39 O.O .... Nice one good colours but his right arms seems a bit odly attached at the connectionpoint and his left seem to come from his chest. Try imagining the skeleton and shapes like solid to position his body ^^
Nagashiwa 2005-12-18 22:59:13 Nice one.. but.. it isn't really hentai.. ^^''
SAM 2005-12-19 01:23:42 "-_- nice ^^ Like the colors!
Kheine 2005-12-20 12:43:57 Way to gooo brooo!!!
Zeph 2005-12-20 12:49:14 its nice. And HIS right arm is very nice, just HIS left arm looks too far in. And this elbow of the same arm is...odd. I would take away some of the line. But nice tones.
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lol its cute...........................................
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Very satisfied with the results here^^ tell me what you think!
Whew... umm... i did my best... exept for the legarmor... i hate  them..