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made it some time ago
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Camille made it some time ago
FinalMajin 2005-12-18 08:13:35 Yeah looks nice, but u should try to draw something u made up by urself, instead of copying an existing picture.. (hope u understand, cant find the right words >.<)
Zeph 2005-12-18 10:05:43 hmmm? this isn't yours? what? its a nice picture, she looks very peaceful. Is it like you looked at a picture and drew from sight?
Def Character 2005-12-18 10:09:06 Sleep well elfen ^^
Camille 2005-12-18 14:07:09 yup a half yr ago i copyd everything. i stopped with that and i only copy essential things now, 4 example if i don't know how it looks like or it's just to damn difficult to make it up in my mind. tnx 4 the tip but i realised it already ;)
Zeph 2005-12-18 19:10:56 in my opinion, it's not as bad to copy something from site than to copy something (like putting a piece of paper over the actual picture). It's nice though. And somethings you do have to look at to understand what it will look like. But it's better that you stopped. It's a lovely picture (i can see why you wanted to draw it)
Camille 2005-12-19 09:56:27 yeha but u know. it's good to copy things since u probebly don't know how to draw it but when you copyd a thing like a tree once or twice it's good to practice without a sample. Trainin' my mind
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Random art
more unfinished stuff for your viewing pleasure heh heh.
hello guys. :3 this is my third time trying this place out (i'm a very off and on kinda person ^^; )

This is just a drawing that I jazzed up a bit... *shrugs* I kinda like how it looks though. :3 Not completely satisfied of course, but I still think it looks good. =^__^=

Tell me what you think!!
This my first Chibi.. I hope so you like it.. d ^ ^ b
Another random piece - He's supposed to be suprised by the spiders, especially the one reading the magazine. =] again open for tips.
One of my favorite little breeds.  I have one named Kiki.  Ink and prismacolor marker.
hey sup
I am trying out different colors and lineart techniques on Photoshop Elements 8. Please do leave comments!
EDIT - Worked on it some more.. and I forgot to "proof colours to Monitor RBG!!"
Critiques/comments welcomed!
I think the orange still makes him look slightly like a monk?
But my stupid scanner made it ugly because it didnt get the color right :S but hope you like it anyway
urm i dunno why i called him lufie warren just thought it suited him ^^ i actualy finnished this lol 
well i was tryin a different kinda shadeing ^^
hopeyall like it
from xmen can u guess who ?
just came back for my famly trip
And yet another cyber arizes!! it the sister of the pink one i drew a few weeks ago^^ hope you like her^^

xies to he fans
part 1 of three...does it look familiar at all?
characters from my own manga..
entitled HEARTLESS