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just tried a new style..
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Camille just tried a new style..
mama_logon 2005-12-16 11:16:42 I like the color scheme
Zeph 2005-12-17 07:33:33 nice! I love it, very smooth
Def Character 2005-12-18 09:57:09 Me likes to see more like these^^
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Random art
finaly coloured at last ^-^" im very pleased with how it turned out ^-^ i decided to add a lil meaning to the picture :3 it ask's what do you feel ^-^ i hope you like it everyone :3 please please comment :3 thank you
The picture is dark. How nice.
Ally of Good versus General Death. (Cover of my incoming comic)
Cover of my own manga =3
A random sketch I drew at the back of my textbook! xD
The Kaiba brothers (from Yu-Gi-Oh). I just love this pic, I think they are soooo cute, so I decided to draw it myself. But unfortunately the scanner made the colors look ugly.

this is my brother
Yuigoh meets Cybercat
I adjusted leg-groin position as killerkun said, and colored it. c&c
Iruka by Masahashi Kishimoto, Naruto
oh..mi gad, this took FOREVER @.@  Well, a couple weeks ago I was helping out at a pre-K summer school.  The actual drawing was a composite of three different days (on each day, I drew a different kid)  ahhh, they looks so innocent asleep ;^^  I would've drawn a boy in there, too, but none of the boys seemed to keep still during nap time ._o  ah well.  My second attempt as lineless art.  yay! *clapps *  ^^
sonova...How I hate this scanner. The things that are generally wrong (not naming the freakin bad quality of the pic) :

-His sword should be resting on his left shoulder,

-The BG just sucks >< (Even though it looked better on paper),

-His face.. I inked it by hand and the intention was that his face wasnt visible for 100% cauz of the shadows. So I overdid the shadows :( , 

...Well for the ones that recognize this dude a bit, it's Ichigo from the Bleach anime. (SO much better then naruto :P I know Im gonna get flamed for this, but to hell with it) I can't upload a cleaned up version now cauz I dont have the programs and the correct pc. greets..
PS. The thumb looks so much better. A cleaned up version will look more like the thumb (I hope) ^^
Hate the legs >_<