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just tried a new style..
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Camille just tried a new style..
mama_logon 2005-12-16 11:16:42 I like the color scheme
Zeph 2005-12-17 07:33:33 nice! I love it, very smooth
Def Character 2005-12-18 09:57:09 Me likes to see more like these^^
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my character germaine
relaxing is the title.

I like this drawing the most. =3
germaine redrawn... one of Aphrodites characters... i guess you can call it fan art :)
This is Hyde(any j-rock lover knows him). The reason this came to life was because it was the last day of school and Ryii-chan was very bored. She saw a very sexy picture of Hyde in a magazine and decide she must anime-fi him. I have no life so there was nothing else to do. This was my first real attempt at shading freehand. If it sucks so much your eyes burn in their sockets, forgive me please!
not really one of my better drawings , but I just drew it for practice on shoulders and positioning of the arms...
and I still have major problems with hands and feet! o_?

The Shepherd. comments and crits please!
a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
Hai, this is my first art wordk,I am realy satisfied.

well this is a rainbow girl i like the collers.
Pleas tell me what you think about this artwork??? ^_^
yeah... I have no idea how this came about...
mmmmmmm i like this way of coloring ,im not sure but i think i have seen a similar pic a few days ago and i dont remember where .... it makes a good wallpaper :), comments are welcome
zeph, if you are out there, also, i've really been allured by your work recently. the sensitivity and grace you instill in your portraits...
it may not seem like much, but this piece was sort of my homage to how much i admire you...obviously, i'm not good enough to do what you do,
but i feel like i've learned so much from observing your work*