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I just made this for an avatar, what do you think?
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Killer-Kun I just made this for an avatar, what do you think?
Shinfate 2005-12-15 23:16:18 it looks very cool for an avatar. I like the face ^^
Kheine 2005-12-16 05:34:53 animated version is better :D
Kaizu 2005-12-16 12:12:35 Its not bad but her mouth looks a bit weird imo, like she has 1 tooth and his/her eyes are glazing a bit.. make the pupils somewhat darker, remove the messy line at the right corner (from our position) of her mouth and remove the teeth, or give him/her one on the other side aswell so it looks like she just has long corner teeth.. sorry to be the only one being negative here but bad comments are the most usefull..
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-12-16 15:33:44 ahh cute
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For Def C, cause his artwork rocks. I tried to stick with a paint style that complemented the artstyle the best.
HELP!! I am working on this pic but i like always mess up the hair. I wonderd if you guys could help me out? P.S My scanner is nog so good so there are black dots on the pic..srry about that-_-;
this is one of my religious friend who is so good and so righteous.... but is not that soo perfect... but she is always humble, cheerful and always there to help...
Made it for the layout of my website =)
Sample of Guillermo's gift ^_^.<br>
Belated birthday gift / early Christmas gift of his skunkie self.<br>
Pencils and inked with Copic multiliners in sketchbook, tossed onto copier and lineart copied onto cardstock, then marker painted the copy with Prismacolor markers, white acrylic paint, and white Prismacolor pencil.<br>
Merry early Christmas / happy belated birthday, hon! X3<br><i>
~~Bee 12/10/2005</i>
The last in a series of three suntanned pix. A last tribute to summer ^_~ Comments & crits are (always) welcome.

mizu CAN be grownup!! (when he loses umi ^^') side info: mizu is madly in ove with umi, but she get snatched away by a person who gets reminded to his ex-wife (she died) when he's with umi (complicated, I know)
char from fanfic Link ©. more info at (I don't know if I'm aloud to make comercials ^^' don't kill me if I'm not alouwed!)