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I drawed this at school
school 's to boring
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ys_skater I drawed this at school school 's to boring
Zeph 2005-12-07 12:49:56 I think it's cool. But the guy's waist is too thin
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Random art
This is my first sketch I have upload. I hope you like it.
A page from my manga "Densha no Sonata"
Just brush practice.
he looks like ross from Friends XD
Clowning Around!!
Dustin C.
Another fast paint doodle to pass some time. Waiting for my gf to come online so I can own her and her brother at halo XD ....*cough's* Anyway nothing special and I think her head is too big...ah well, sorry for not uploading much decent ^^'
just random practice out of bordom cause i havent drawn in a while
ThiefKing~ Lookin' vary American thar, nay? 8D I dunno.

I rather like his face. I could have done a better job coloring, though. :/ I accidentally killed the coat while adding the darker color to it, hahaha. Whoops. I actually killed an older version of this one, too, and had to restart. The older one was funny. He looked like Harrison Ford. :B
Danny Harrison(yellow), Abby Johnson(green) & Chris Folton(blue) © Gabby Oduro
cuteness attemp ^-^U and no, it is not a character from digi charat. I havent bought candies in yeeeears, so today i got a few and saw all those pretty color + sugar rush = cherry sugar =3 c&c welcome
Deviant Art contest entry.
page 3
a trio from coman i drew long ago... right to left thomas, naomi and viktor.

the poses n clothes aren't mine O_O except for thomas

oh and the paper's ultra-thin so u can actually c another picture between naomi n thomas xD sry about that.