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Im gonna color it soon
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Kheine Im gonna color it soon
AIKUZA 2005-12-03 09:53:00 You better colour it. It's one of your best linearts. I dont mind her being skinny, it's pretty. But a little more thigh and upperarm is cuter I think. You should make the point of the sword sharper. MOre dangerous. Hey, now I can see some pose resembalance with one of my arts, not that you copied, but kinda fun.>>>><<<<<< hmmm now that i look at it, it doesnt look the same at all.... waaa
Kheine 2005-12-03 10:49:01 WOw thanks pops! Im gonna color it the best i can! And you draw too! Lets bomb mws with awesome arts!
ukkie 2005-12-03 12:06:08 The lineart and design is really cool,I love her outfit! ^_^ I agree with AIKUZA though about the upperarms and thighs, and her left (from our POV, like, the one holding the sword) arm seems too long. Keep up the good work! ^_^
Def Character 2005-12-04 14:45:37 They said it all Keep it up!! ^^
TheDarkHell 2005-12-04 16:49:25 is seen someones improving :D the boots rock man the look real nice. the face is pretty too :3 ... but maby do something about the hair .. give it some more movement ... more curves and stuff like that because now it looks static and unnaturial
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-12-07 02:26:45 its great, the body i mean, but the head, hmm.. I dont no ;_)
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Me playing around in flash trying to color the fairy  I drew the other day
a quick drawn page that will get it's text bubbles once I have colored it. If I can color it ofcourse, lol.

Hope you guys dig, (read from left to right)
a little bit inspired by the models in magazines
Last picture before my trip to US, tomorrow I have to say good bye to my family for at least another year -_-; Btw, the lame chinese words that I wrote means: "Let your feeling calm down just like this" <--- Uh... nah, my translation is real bad ^^; -- Inked by Pilot G-tech
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I really like how Moru-Moso (the girl) turned out. :3 As for Kuri Kuri Meron (catboy)... eh... could've been better.
The background is totally not up to par. XD But I couldn't produce anything better. So for now, I'm satisfied with it. :3

Tell me what ya think!! :D (and if you have any critics stuff... don't do it too harshly... this did kinda take me... forever. ^^; )
Story and Characters by me. Background and shading by my roommate
For a friend of mine. :3
long time no post D: --- trying out a newish style...what do you think? ^___^ --- originally posted at
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Hallo ^0^ Een tekening van een meisje en jongen, nooit echt helemaal afgemaakt, veel te druk met school :( Hope you like it ^^
Hey, my first art that i'm uploading. please go easy on me. :P