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zayeath. a.k.a. shinigami. god of death. assasin. old character redrawn.

zayeath (c) emerson tung.
Artist Description
zeo-x zayeath. a.k.a. shinigami. god of death. assasin. old character redrawn. zayeath (c) emerson tung.
Burnt_Out 2005-12-02 08:52:43 He's prepared!
Skakis 2005-12-02 10:41:37 COOL
Zeph 2005-12-02 14:51:37 ooooh. this is VERY nice. except his face look thin, extend it more on his left. Beautiful though
Def Character 2005-12-02 15:24:22 b^_^d
yurusanzo 2005-12-02 23:22:10 sexy reaper, it seems that this guy got his hands on soul edge. great pic man!
Shinfate 2005-12-03 07:53:16 he's got a strong back XD hehe
AIKUZA 2005-12-03 10:01:28 I think he should be more in balance carrying all that stuff. HE could fall any second standing too long like that. Kinda stiff pose. This art has much horizontal, vertical and diagnal lines, and it misses dynamic. Same problem I had with my Cloud Strife art. But no crits on the rest. Very cool art and design! ^^
ukkie 2005-12-03 12:32:10 the design of his weapons and outfit is awesome, but I gotta agree with AIKUZA that his pose is kinda stiff. More dynamic would make him look even cooler ^_^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-12-07 04:59:38 nice design but the proportians aren't verry good, just work on that ;_)
Sarin_Cloud 2012-02-06 17:15:26 nice pic
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