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s cry ed
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1-MM-1 s cry ed
1-MM-1 2005-11-21 21:32:21 anyone know how i can become part of the 3rd manga?:{
Def Character 2005-11-21 23:05:31 Join our forum and see this thread ^^
Dustin C. 2005-11-22 13:33:07 join today! XD nice pic of cherise, good use of photoshop filters.
ukkie 2005-11-23 07:26:55 pretty nice effects, cute pic, her neck's a little weird though ^_^
1-MM-1 2005-11-24 23:46:33 thanks
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Random art
I think she's really cute :P I started drawing a lot of girls lately because one turned out really good in my opinion(previous post) well... critisism appreciated
Hi ^^ how are you guys?? I've been practicing drawing realistic portraits,, i was planning on drawing Yoon Eun Hye , one of my favorite actress, but that was too difficult so it turned out to be my own character. It's not ready yet!! >.<
Please compare this to my other pic that looks almost identical to this one. My friend inked it so tell me what you think. :) Yes I know that the ink smeared so please don't comment on that.
Evan card game character card
I'm not sure if this is from an existing anime/manga (if so, please tell me!^_^), but I saw this picture in a book and decided to draw it! ^_^
hi Guys and Girls of MWS 
long time no see
i haven't uploaded a long time thats because i was a empty inspiration pit..
so no i re-founded my inspiration and drawed something that i find verry good of my self well everybody on MWS greetings:P
Coras from RF Online
Manga Art
an hornless fantroll sketch. I got bored sketched it then decided what to use it for I will upload the full troll pic soon. His name is Kelics sarisk. He is the prince of shadows.
hmm...this is one of my "old" drawings, from 2004. man I wonder why I'm not so detailed with backgrounds anymore :( and the girl looks good too, except maybe for the head XD. man, I have to get better than this. what do you guys think of my old drawing, compared with now?
it's a coloured version of one of my older pics...anybody thinks this one's better , or is it worse?
The one place my friend won't find his xmas gift on the interwebs. I drew this for my friend Matt because he's always getting me things and drawing me stuff and letting me borrow his mangas and games. XD I owed him a good one. I like how this came out. Artwork and characters are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
Royal Icing manga, pg 42, availabe online and in print on and
Another HKR pic