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s cry ed
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1-MM-1 s cry ed
1-MM-1 2005-11-21 21:32:21 anyone know how i can become part of the 3rd manga?:{
Def Character 2005-11-21 23:05:31 Join our forum and see this thread ^^
Dustin C. 2005-11-22 13:33:07 join today! XD nice pic of cherise, good use of photoshop filters.
ukkie 2005-11-23 07:26:55 pretty nice effects, cute pic, her neck's a little weird though ^_^
1-MM-1 2005-11-24 23:46:33 thanks
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Happy Halloween! 
Special for Halloween.
This is my first artwork here, so I hope you like it. :)
Well, here's the colored version of my astroidegirl! It looks a bit fuzzy and crappy but I hope you can look through that and like it! I spent quite some time coloring this one, so please comment!
Hello MWS, it's been a while, hasn't it? 
Anyway, this drawing probably isn't a big deal, but I love it anyway.
(There should be a self portrait category, since that's what this is.)
Work with my new markers.
This is my sailor mars also for my cousin Kulia. This is her favorite scout. I had a hard time with the face and I think the body is funny. I cant put my finger on it thought.
I was making this one originally for a girl whose birthday passed a bit ago, but i made i big mistake and i fear that i have made her mad at me, so this one ended to be an apology :/
Fan art of my friend, Garyu and her bf, Ah Fun.
Is simple....T_T
I found no effort ahaha but she likes it LOL that's strange....
my very first hentai-like art XD I made it because "someone" asked me to though XD but it was fun making it. comments?
Summer Dance - CG: Paint Shop Pro - drawn for the summer fan-art contest 2003 on (I didn't win, before you ask). I didn't spend much time on this one, even less on colouring.. it definitely needs more highlights and shadows - September 2003
Merry X-mas everyone! And a Happy Newyear!
Comments are verry welcome!

Sorry for being offline so long but that has to do with a couple of things. 
-1. My boss. (no MWS at work)
-2. My entry for Oran-dojin (can?t upload new art cos of copyright)
-3. Grand theft Auto ?San Andreas? (I?m addicted to that game! IT ROCKS!)

P.s. FeeBs if you want to use this for an E-card I would be honerd!
just playin with PS ;P
just testing with the imageready (?!)