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wel....I finished's...creapy =S
Krad from DN Angel ©
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umi wel....I finished's...creapy =S Krad from DN Angel ©
Irani 2005-11-21 01:02:13 okay I'm getting flashbacks of my dreams....*leavs*
Zeph 2005-11-21 14:36:57 NICE!!!! The blood looks a nit wierd, maybe it should be more drippy or more brown...and the legs look a bit too thin. But nice job
umi 2005-11-22 05:37:16 yeah, I wanted to add the wings, but in my fanfic satoshi has a little creature just like wiz to turn into his wings, so I didn't want to add her. well, the blood is fresh, so I geuss than it's not brown yet.
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Random art
This is one of my character designs in front of some sort of futuristic city-scape...I didn't realize until I was done that his shadow is going the wrong way =.=" Pointers and such always appreciated. Oh and btw this was all done on Adobe Photoshop Essentials 5...
Anywas heres my entry. ^^ I hope you likes. :) c&c welcome and encouraged. :D
Cool looking character. Designed myself.

hi guys, i got some freetime today and i did this sketch. It needs more details and a better perspective and stuff, she is not supose to be very girly (or not at all)... emmm <.< >.> new people at mws ^.^ anyway i hope i have the time needed to finish it. C&C welcome <3
Jippie, the first time that I colored with my computer, ^-^ (I used Paint.Net.) BUt there's one problem: I don't know how to make shadows! :(, anyway I hope it's not too bad, hihi ^-^
just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
wiley justin
"Floating" in color! ^^ I now have a title for Ryu and Kei's manga. It's "Forever is Not Enough" or "F.I.N.E." for short. ^_~ I colored this in Photopaint. I had to shrink it and remove the background to fit the size restrictions, but you can see the full wallpaper versions here: <br>
<br>They're big, though. ^^;; The letters (and the border on the larger) were colored in Paint Shop Pro 8. (just got it ^^)
this was taken after the release of the board passers.... and we have now the R.N. in our last name...
my friend had her new camera so we tried it out and edited it....
Analin no Denkou - First and last sketch next to eachother for comparison, ready to be lined, final version is in Colored Art - dec 2001
my proud best (till now) work.
my inner angel "flash"
yes I love angel story's (l)d.n.angel(l) sorry...
Doodling around and came out with this pic ^^; I started to color it pretty seriously, until my hand just say "screw it and just finish it" ^^; -- Inked by Rapidograph. Color by color pencil. Background by Photoshop 7.0
Rubine - CG: Paint Shop Pro - aug 2001
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome