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me hungry. feed me.
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zeo-x me hungry. feed me.
Zeph 2005-11-19 20:21:24 NICE!!! sort of wierd...but NICE! And the blood looks SICK!
Sevy 2006-04-15 07:01:51 looks like the ship of ansem in kingdom hearts(luv that game!!*wiggles*)
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Random art
A girl and her panda
Another at school drawing. Fan-art of D. Gray-man. Allen Walker. The skull has nothing to do with the manga, but I thought it would look good.
This one's fairly old. It was one of my first Photoshop colorings. I drew it in a prudish friend's sketch pad to annoy him. He made me rip it out, so I decided to color it for practice.
A girlfriend of me.
An elf woman ^^
... ...
Hello again :P ive just finished this at 4 in the mornin...*yawn*. anyway this is another character design set for future years. the idea is that it is a fully integrated suit of armour with afew futuristic touches: laser weaponry rubber-type get the pic!enjoy and plz comment ^^
A sexy Alice and a sexy Cheshire Cat. Enjoy if you wish.
Haven't much recent art to show so I put this one up. Was too lazy to actually finish it, but wanted some pointers none the less. Some mayor influences from well known animes, find 3 of 'em and win a fridge. (or just comment :P)
Aliyah Kikuyu, now in colour :o!
This sketch was originally going to be my avitar, but alas, it was too big. 75 minutes in MS paint program.
This i a recreation of the FF character Yuffie.
Upload a new version!!! But still WIP.

C&C welcome.
well, second piece of work I made after the shopping girl :) did it all in photoshop. I really like this piece, first time I actually make a background *hehe*
Makiko waited, but Itachi never returned.