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my friend wanted me to work his drawing out. so I did. this is....nameless....
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umi my friend wanted me to work his drawing out. so I did. this is....nameless....
Def Character 2005-11-17 15:04:19 Woah great progresss... but do I see 2 right hands?
Zeph 2005-11-17 17:26:58 nice job. Big difference between the too. The sword is nice, but the eyes seem.....wierd. Like they are either lopsided or not even. Nice job though
umi 2005-11-17 23:55:11 1: my hands ALWAYS suck! 2: I'm dutch and have dyslection. 3: yes, the eyes are weard -.-'
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Random art
yes there names are watermelon and hippo... anyway, these are random chraters, watermelon kinda looks like ashe from ffxii.... sorry, i was really excited for this game, whne i drew this pic!

pencil crayon

hehehe, i love the cape, and the checkers... the guy is a littl elong.. but its a really good guy for me!!!
hmm....i had nothing 2 do so i made this, 1st i scanned my drawin then i did some editting with photo shop ~_~
2 lazy 2 make a background
a little late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Dustin C.
Loss And Confusion
Hello everyone! :D been some time ago since i last posted art here :P

this is was for an assignment for  school, needed to be some kind of storyboard and of your favorite game (guess which one this is) :P

Feedbacks and comments are welcome and much appreciated :)

Please excuse my failness :3 I love meee sum bleach son!
@_@; Uuuuum...randomness...felt like drawing a slightly gay-ish guy xDDDD
Did this some time ago, just got back into drawing, first time here guys second post
B&W sketch of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, my fave character from my fave anime series (Trigun)
Eye :S
a scetch i lined
my origional Saiyuki character, Xaiyu Lynn
she's a halfbreed like Gojyo
"Wonder land"
Done in colored pencils, black marker and ink pen
What do you think?
C & C please <3 thanx