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just a rough sketch
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mama_logon just a rough sketch
Zeph 2005-11-17 16:06:16 nice picture. The line quality isn't bad. And it's a great pose. Lots of action. Is he wearing a thong?
zeo-x 2005-11-18 01:49:44 .. so is this facing the front or the back? i cant tell. but he's really shmexy... yum
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-11-18 06:45:15 well done :)
Kaizu 2005-11-19 07:10:17 bit too sketchy imo, so sketchy that its confusing. (zephio i really dont get your comment at all, nothing in it makes sence o.O)
pencil no jutsu 2007-12-06 10:24:47 woow nice muscles
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Yeah, I drew this at my friend Katie's house. Other than her wings, I think it turned out okay. I cut off her feet when I scanned it because they turned out bad. But yeh.
My main caracter from botom view loking up at him. 

Note: This is my first atempt at up view of my caracters.
I fixed it as good as I could. Colour it?
a character based on one idea about some famous ballet from Tchaikovsky...
[[ updated#1: the leg ._. what do you think now? ]]~~~~~~ a request for someone at gaia. I dont think she will like it, there is nothing special about it. I went lazy on the background. I dont know what to do when it has many details like buildings, what to draw, what not to draw. >_< its a bit frustrating
this is just a character i made up to wish everyone a nice easter im realy happy with it
Some real old (and some not so old) character drawings from my manga 'Cave Canem' :3
Quick drawing I made to get back into coloring stuff. Been a while since I last posted here, just been kinda busy, lol
Done for my friend... His dream is to be a rock star :)
Critism, please.
i am are bussinesman
this is not my artwork , this a profile picture .
Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
now...would you trust that guy?