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my manga-nized version of cyclops.
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zeo-x my manga-nized version of cyclops.
Def Character 2005-11-16 15:46:42 great design ^^
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Random art
This one's fairly old. It was one of my first Photoshop colorings. I drew it in a prudish friend's sketch pad to annoy him. He made me rip it out, so I decided to color it for practice.
one of the early versions of my Karate pic.  I just didn't like how it was coming out and I wanted to change the angle.
20 min xmas sketch. i freehanded it so if it has bad anatomy, then thats what i get. enjoy the fuzzy-warmth of it!
Dustin C.
Cairat Paej......."ALTER SUMMONER"
renegade in SD mode. renegade (c) emerson tung.
heres it in colour ^-^ id like to thank kioshi for showing me an errer witch was stoping me from getting better
i was bored.
it does not suggest anything.
i didn't draw anything for a while and i am very happy beceause summer so i desid to Draw something Happy and cheerful.......well i know my drawing are not perfect and the hands are to small just like always....... But Anyway i hope u guys like it :)

90 % Hand Drawn
10 % PC (Paint shop Pro8)
A very old comic from last year I decided to line and color. original:

I messed alot of stuff up in this one, but I got bored halfway and wanted to quit XD I get bored too fast I guess... Anyway enjoy, and this was just to see if I am able to color comic pages, although this one is rather simple.
some evil guy ;)
this is one of my first drawings when I started useing step by step tutorials.
After going through two whole weeks of drama Drake finally gets to dance with the girl he loves at the senior high school prom.
Anime Chick
One of my favourite fights in bleach...just a fanart :)