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just a pic, I don´t have nothing to say about it
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mama_logon just a pic, I don´t have nothing to say about it
zeo-x 2005-11-14 09:29:33 nice-su X3
ukkie 2005-11-14 10:44:30 very cute ^_^ what's that thingie on her shirt?
Def Character 2005-11-14 23:12:29 mmmh...
umi 2005-11-18 00:19:49 awww! cute! she looks so inosent.
empoy 2009-07-07 07:42:50 not bad brightens my day
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Random art
gift art to a friend....guess what medium i used...
Fanart Negima, brushmarker practise ^^
pencil no jutsu
finaly, my elf is done!! man do I love elfs ^.^ they are my favourite fantasy race :D ths art was meant to be a training for the female anatomy, but I got carried away and this is what it became, haha.

itachi san96

This is some fanart of Fruits Basket.. Kyou-kun ^^.. got lazy on the chair in the end.. your thoughts please !!
Drawed my friend while having a boring class in school. All mouse and photoshop cs about 1 hour
OMG Rin you tard why don't you ever get off your lazy ass and color something in CS3? 

Cause I'm a lazy College student who has other art projects to worry about. 

SCREW YOU POTTERY!!*shakes fit* Ahem...Sorry.

Anyway. This is sassy, saucy, seductive Eve Dresden from the Lackadaisy Forum Rp. She's a calico cop and speakeasy singer. And she's my character.

Yes her left arm is a bit wonky and the color got killed  by scanner but oh well. I stil like it a bit.

But other than that...shred and tear it apart.

Lackadaisy copyright Tracy
Eve Dresden copyright Rin
LM-MENTS cover ... chapter 1
A picture of B-girl (street dancing) with chain and baggy pants
Erhm always notice a lot of errors but sadly enough 
I only see them after I have already finished the whole 
drawing ..
Umm.... I was bored... hence in background lol. I really like the way her hair came out.... C&C please
with this one i was trying out using minimal black lines. as i observe pro artists i see that the more realistic of them don't use many black lines at all except for black material and i think it looks much more professional. it'll be a long road getting there though =\
well, my best realistic work until now. It's Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow. What do you think?