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this is just a
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Arekkusa this is just a "sloppy copy" drawing i did in school when i was supposed to be taking history notes.. i don't know whether it could classified as an anime/manga drawing.. i haven't really gotten the eyes down yet..
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Random art
don't really know if this art belongs to "lineart" or "sketch". but anyway, this is my first drawing on real manga paper and tone sheets. I just got them, so I wanted to see how it worked. what do you think?
Yeah!! I got inspiration again!!! I really like how her dress came out. Background is not mine, but i'm still loving it! ^^
First page of me manga
got bored and made this
also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy
This was from a photo which i then copied into a manga picture to help get the proportions right etc
Im happy with it:)
Another simple comic, wich is a remake of an older comic also on this site. Just wanted to redo it in the same style as my other comic. Hope you all digs
the second page of princess nightmare
Younger Cruella DeVille. Yeah, I don't know either.
LostJamie. A series I'm writing. In my head. xD
Ugly evil witch
I know its a bit rough but there are some parts about it that are bothering me like the neck... and i dont know how to fix it.
have still been having trouble drawing hands so thought I would do another picture holding something.  turned out better than last one I think lol.
A very optimistic girl =3

~I'm 13 years old =o~
some little thai kid that probably doesnt have alot of money