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Wow, I drew a GUY!? (I need to draw more guys)
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BlackCat Wow, I drew a GUY!? (I need to draw more guys)
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-11-13 05:56:49 Very unique. Nice going.
Remi 2005-11-13 10:17:21 Hey it's Bonnie & Clyde. I especially like the girl.
zeo-x 2005-11-14 03:40:47 like the colour scheme of this one.
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I started but I became a little lazy, so I decide to  finish it later ;p
A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
My new Anime persona, Neon. ^^
its been awhile :P .. anyways now a days i have to travel 4 hours to get to internship place .. and in this time im mostly just thumbnailing/sketching away (almost got a sketch book full already xD) .. and this is one  the sketches i made wich i think turned out pretty good, minus the fact its deformed and anatomically incorrect :P. .. but a hell i still like it :3
hey all. This is Asuka Takado, yet another character from my story. She's so confident that even if the world has lost its colors, she'll still have hers. xD (yeah,  lame concept for a pic, i know O_O)
anyway, critics please thanks :D
When i noticed the arm wasnt looking right it was already too late T.T
Alucard from Hellsing. I know it doesn't look entirely like him but this is the first piece of art I did with my tablet.
A Fushigi Yugi fanart. It's Tatara. He's so hot! I just read FY 11 and fell in love with the guy. Unfortunately, in the same volume he is introduced he dies. *cries* I've only used reference for the hands.
Made this a long time ago, but I thought why not show it :P
(Don't know what to say...) eh... I was inspired by a chinese movie that my grandma watched ^0^
Another page from the first issue of Adventures of Yaz
heres pg two tuh my manga