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Uhm, yeah.. No comment...
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BlackCat Uhm, yeah.. No comment...
AIKUZA 2005-11-12 15:11:54 You some pretty interesting artstyle ^^, I'll keep on watching you. It looks simple and sweet!
Kheine 2005-11-12 23:59:23 I totally agrees with Aikuza ^^
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Random art
Hopefully you can recognize her

Hi! This was supposed to be Snow White in the dark forest, but now its just a girl in a dress.. I will finish it sometime later when i have time ^^;;;
(ow sorry about the bad quality, i used paint to reduce the size because not so long ago this computer was dead, so i have to put some decent programs on it)
Headshot of my old Gaia avi, Pandora.

(My gallery shows older work on the first page and new art on the last pages..Is there a way to change this?)
Kanda kun form D.Gray-Man, he is totally awesome!! Enjoy...~ Xx
fan art.. again.. sorry i will get more original stuff in soon, i promise. this is from the manga, tokyo mew mew!

used HB, 2B and a pen

i love this picture! remember critisizem wanted!
And yet another cyber arizes!! it the sister of the pink one i drew a few weeks ago^^ hope you like her^^

xies to he fans
been on vacation for awhile sorry for not posting anyway im back at it changed up fist page a little
Luffy D Monkey - One Piece!
A nice girl I made just jet, what do you think?
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
this is a doodle of me and my girl =D I messed up a little with the hands XD I doodled it with pen, so I can't erase anything XD I'm going to work it out in the near future =3
changed up the main char. a little dont know if ill keep it that way though
FrogSuits Fun! The common anime frogsuits. Been too busy to create something MWShoppish, but I got bored today. I just opened 3Dmax for a test, and all of a sudden, I made this dude. Took me 5 hours. Its not my best 3D, so dont get confused of how bad i am in 3Dmax :P, I just like the whole frogvibe. I'm not much of a 3Dguy, but sometimes I like to create my designs in 3D. The whole render was done in 3Dmax7 and the particle effects and text in PhotoShop CS. Yep, thats it. Hope you'll enjoy this happy pic ^^