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This is an old lay-out image for my site.
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BlackCat This is an old lay-out image for my site.
AIKUZA 2005-11-12 15:17:00 Thw concept is really cool and worked out pretty well, just too bad about the PS leafs in the pic, you can also draw them in illustrator with your own design and copy paste them the same way to make it more your own. And some stronger shades on certain places for more depth. But the pic gave me a good impression and that is what counts. Cool art!
Remi 2005-11-30 03:11:01 Yeah, those wooden wing thingies work for me as well. And yes BlackCat, I'm from Holland (saw your comment just today).
Def Character 2005-12-19 10:02:12 Kewl ^^
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Random art
For a contest for a friend; his original character, Blade of Fire. 

Goes well with the title Through the Fire and Flames (darn my addiction to DragonForce)
Yay!! Getting better with my markers! I see now that the top of her head looks really strange, but tell me what you think anyway^^
nothing to do much this summer....
and i haven't watch this film- ang haba ng pila ng mga humiram ng vcd...hayzzzz
Atemis Lunar, now in color! :D<br>
The silver/gray moon on his forehead turns red-orange when both boons are in alignment. (his planet has two moons, a small blue and a large red-orange) Also, as part of his religion, he moon dances whenever either is full . . . naked. ^_~ (I'm still working on a pic of that)<br>
You can find a wallpaper version on this pic, with more info about Artemis, at <a href="">my  Deviant Art page</a>.
Oh man I do need to practice more .. So many mistakes (hand, pose, perspective..) I really need to find more time to draw because whenever I take a slight 'pause' (of, say, 2 months) I never get better .. This stuff still has the same feel like the first drawings I submitted here .. Anyway, it is unfinished as you can see & sorry for the low quality!
comic sketch
Well this is the first sketch for Alinam, a character in my new original fic, Tilve Saefad. I'm gonna CG it later. He's actually a beast-shifter (kinna like a shape-shifter only...animals >.>;) I'm rather how it turned out ^^ Cept the hand --; hate..hands...and the stick...pole...staff thing x.x; screwed that ><; shoulda made it longer...oh well. x_x dude i haven't drawn in a while @_@
heres pg two tuh my manga
my friend did a shaolin piece so I did this for Karate.
more unfinished stuff for your viewing pleasure heh heh.
burning sexy time.
And a third latex girl. I think I will develop this character more, whe has a certain something ^_^.