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Kej, uploading some old stuff first. Made this one last year.
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BlackCat Kej, uploading some old stuff first. Made this one last year.
AIKUZA 2005-11-12 15:14:10 A good one as well. Too bad some lines are too sketchy, but the overal pic does a good job. Maybe more colour and detail in it next time? ;)
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Random art
had nothin to do so i thought id start a another picture didnt take me that long though.comments please
Title: cold

This was something out of the blue made on an online doodleboard, no idea where it came from though. There's probably a lot wrong with it but still i like it somehow 6^^ brrrr. . .
Def Character
This is ginko.

he's made of bugs and adorable.
Character interpretation for a guy in Germany.
Erm i drew this an age ago its been like hidden away for ages and i found it. Well its still pretty crap but :P
Billie the Penguin
fineliner, copic and a photo as background.
Manga Art
I create this image in paint(program in computer)He is Emman... A strong and sporty guy.
yay! my first Illustrator/photoshop thingie (o^.^o) made this completely on the computer (outlines in illustrator colors in photoshop) what do you think?
sorry i colored it
L from Death note. Just a cute drawing of my favorite detective ^_^
A (L)ove note from Mirai
It's android 18!
Ahh~ the nostalgia. She was the most awesome character in that show.

Anyway, here's my version!
Advice for comics please..
older drawing. I messed up the head/neck, but I actually did a background for once.