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Oekaki pic of Pichino
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undefined Oekaki pic of Pichino
Zeph 2005-11-11 20:09:56 i like this one alot. mainly because of the prospective it has.
TheDarkHell 2005-11-12 01:15:04 jeah wow nice :D
umi 2005-11-12 02:12:30 the eyes have a weard color effect, makes it living^^ it's pretty and really bright
BlackCat 2005-11-12 15:47:54 Wow, this is great! I love the perspective and the colors. The eyes aren't very natural, but I like them any way. :)
undefined 2005-11-12 23:14:00 I drew this on an oekaki board (using program) I'm not good at coloring with paints/pastel.. (I get water everywhere >< !!! Plus the pastels I have are all 1 least 1cm thick, impossible to color with x_x) I do use Tria Markers (but not on this pic) Btw, Thanks for the comments :)
mama_logon 2005-11-14 09:11:23 nice perspective
Def Character 2006-05-30 08:01:07 Great perspective ^^
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I forgot that I had this, and since I'm probably not going to finish it I'm uploading it as is, heh heh.
I suck when I draw on the computer but my mom stole my scanner.
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Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
Kakashi^^ hahaha 
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Oh gawdd... i have been a sleeping vampire here in mws. I hope everyones still awake. I missed this place aloooot!! Im just gonna post some collection of what i've been doing these past years...
yes . . . . its weezy
Pages 7 and 8 of Chapter 6 AOY yay =D
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pippen again! lol he's so cute...also older pic
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Yeah! For those of you who watch Naruto: a tribute to Kakashi, cuz' he's cool! For those of you who don't know Naruto: what are you still doing here?? Get your lazy ass over to and start downloading the eps!!! 
Anyways, a quick sketch, done with a normal HB pencil. It took me about 5 hours in total to draw and shade it. (I won't be braking any speedrecords!) I uploaded it here for fun, and because it has been indeed a very long time since I did anything here on Mangaworkshop. Well, I'll be waiting for the critics, so bring it on!! ^^ (<- Kinda longer story than I wanted...)
it's a coloured version of one of my older pics...anybody thinks this one's better , or is it worse?