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Oekaki pic of Pichino
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undefined Oekaki pic of Pichino
Zeph 2005-11-11 20:09:56 i like this one alot. mainly because of the prospective it has.
TheDarkHell 2005-11-12 01:15:04 jeah wow nice :D
umi 2005-11-12 02:12:30 the eyes have a weard color effect, makes it living^^ it's pretty and really bright
BlackCat 2005-11-12 15:47:54 Wow, this is great! I love the perspective and the colors. The eyes aren't very natural, but I like them any way. :)
undefined 2005-11-12 23:14:00 I drew this on an oekaki board (using program) I'm not good at coloring with paints/pastel.. (I get water everywhere >< !!! Plus the pastels I have are all 1 least 1cm thick, impossible to color with x_x) I do use Tria Markers (but not on this pic) Btw, Thanks for the comments :)
mama_logon 2005-11-14 09:11:23 nice perspective
Def Character 2006-05-30 08:01:07 Great perspective ^^
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Random art
Hey, Just dropping some cool sketches. This is for a schoolproject. They're character designs for a game we're making. Didnt know what to upload, but someone will enjoy this artwork XD. I cant explain the game, cause the gameplay is too complicated but fun to be understood in this page. Let yall know when its done. This is the final version I think, and its about to be modeled. Time for some sleep -__-
its a mage commiting suicide!:D ive put some effort in it for a change
Part of a painting i have to do for my class. Quick sketch of what it should look like.
Kaiser -

Past memory in pieces, she manged to escape her Nations fate of death at age 5 wounded - she found her way to her new home, the Wind Nation. Not remembering much of anything, she solely focuses on school and sports, despite her early upbringings she is very warm hearted and opened. She is not a team player - but not by choice! If her teammates are in danger she’ll rush to help.

Her gloves and ankle handles have Rapid Fire Oil Gears for material arts movements, she also has a sword that she rarely pulls out.

Many know her as the Nation Hopper, trading nations is never an option. But apparently she isn’t the only Nation Hopper.

Read The Story Here:
when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~

This is the character I made for Dragon Half~
look! a creature ^^, i think he is cute, and i am still trying to manage bright colors . Let see .. what i like in this pic: 1- that skull he is holding on his hands. 2- his funny smile. 3- the colorwork on the claws. 4- the outfit <3 ..... now what i dont like: 1- me having a terrible headache >_< 2- after making the pic only 100 kb the skull is almost invisible 3- the fire, i cant draw fire (yet) 4- sorry i forgot to draw his right hand's fingers. 5- purple color is too bright, but i love purple. 6- the idea is not very original =/  ..... anyway ^-^ please comments are welcome ^-^
GAHHHH when i get myself a new computer i'm gonna install photoshop right away D: ! When i save a picture in my current program the colors fade away..awaaaayy! EVIL ..eeeeevil! Damned..

Anyway these are my orginal characters. The girl is Hikari Mai Kin..meaning something like err.. golden light. Well not exactly but thats what it means to me LOL. One of her main abilities is to create FIRE! Ahu.>.>

The guy next to her is Ren, her pet. Yes, only on the pic he's kinda evolved @w@;; hokay.
whew, havent made anything for some time T_T. here's a dirty pencil sketch of Natsume Maya from Tenjo Tenge, lots of erasing and stuff >.< hope you like it ^^
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20
Well its a girl crying???
Billie the Penguin
A first year high school. She's part of the gymnast team.
More stuffs.
A sketch of picture from the movie "Queen of the damned"
I saw it some where..
main character introduces herself..