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my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung
umi 2005-11-10 04:52:30 wouw! he's hot^^ I like the sword and coat! though I think the wings are a bit to thin.
zeo-x 2005-11-10 06:34:02 haha.. thanks ^^. well, the wings are suppose to be "laser-like" can't seem to achieve that look though.
Zeph 2005-11-10 18:04:24 nicely done. and the wings are nice. problem is the feet look flat
zeo-x 2005-11-10 21:28:37 thanks ^^. well, bout the feet. i wanted to colour in the whole leg black. so it wouldn't matter if i added depth and perspective to it or not.. but in the end. i was too lazy ^^.
zeo-x 2005-11-12 10:41:33 sarutobi: ... haha ^^.coming to think of it. that is kinda true
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Rei :D
Da-Seth... Pure... Evil. unlike Da-volt he doesnt have much AI and is programmed to simply kill and destroy. If you want to see a sickening fight then look no further. In my opinion I prefer him to Da-Volt. What happens when they fuse though? nothing can explain what is formed when they fuse... Its simply refered to as him...
i just saw the movie 300...and it inspired me for this lil sketch :) by the way...can you find waldo? haha
character design this guy likes to burn things with green fire yay
Hahahaha, this was a lot of fun to make. Post-Apocalyptic version of my friend Sam (sam is a very successfull with the ladies dude from New Zealand). I wonder how bad I could make him look while still making him scary as hell, and this came up. Extremely ahppy with it, but please critque the hell out of it anyways
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I'm a script writer, not a good artist. I mostly do profile sketches. I need a partner.
This is a pic I drew of Sesshoumaru, sketched with a 0.1 mechanical pencil. I had a lot of fun on his design. It's very intricate. Oo;
this is my first drawing of a cello
I'll prob. use this picture for the summer issue of HADAKA - magazine cos the theme is 'ultimate fantasy'... this comes pretty close to that :p
Haha, haven't been here in AGES. Just figured I should post something SOMEWHAT recent-ish. If one can call a year ago recent, but yeah, spring time angel, enjoy.