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my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung
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zeo-x my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung
umi 2005-11-10 04:52:30 wouw! he's hot^^ I like the sword and coat! though I think the wings are a bit to thin.
zeo-x 2005-11-10 06:34:02 haha.. thanks ^^. well, the wings are suppose to be "laser-like" can't seem to achieve that look though.
Zeph 2005-11-10 18:04:24 nicely done. and the wings are nice. problem is the feet look flat
zeo-x 2005-11-10 21:28:37 thanks ^^. well, bout the feet. i wanted to colour in the whole leg black. so it wouldn't matter if i added depth and perspective to it or not.. but in the end. i was too lazy ^^.
zeo-x 2005-11-12 10:41:33 sarutobi: ... haha ^^.coming to think of it. that is kinda true
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Random art
Hi, a sketch I made just now. I just met someone yesterday and he gave me inspiration to draw, not like, ehh, I like him or something. But I just liked his appearance, so I tried to draw something like him. It didn't really succeed, his hair was different, and I actually wanted his hair to be perfect. But too bad.
Anywayz, I do think it came out pretty good. I'm really switching styles the whole time, trying to find mine, especially with men, because I don't draw them that often. But okay, I hope you like it aswell.
Cover of my new comic series. for more.
Got no time to explain about the f####g bg... dads calling!
Quite a funny picture of a couple watching a scary film :)
Hello (n_n)/) a fairly old doodle for you (mabye a couple of months old) heh I don't think I've uploaded this one yet but I can't remember 6^^ oh noes, my brain is going :O
awwwwwwwwwww!!! poor mizu! being egnored by everyone *hugs mizu* it at the same time introduces al the mainchars from Link ©
YO!!! I finally got the chance to upload a new pic! i had a the lineart done for about a month before i could put it on the computer for coloring. Anyway, if you dont know who this is, it's Riddick from "Chronicles of Riddick".  A nice purple and black motif which somehow seems to fit. anyway, the caption for this pic is "Get that damn light out of my eyes."
Dustin C.
This picture took quite a while for me to colour, my tablet pen kept playing up and was going all over the place! This picture was drawn by my boyfriend matthew and coloured by me. I think for my next photoshop shaded colouring, i will try and not use so much thick outlining for a change.

^.^ please comment, im wanting to improve my art!
this is just a bit of what i've been doing for the tv station that hired me... i post it cuz i haven't been able to do anything else and i felt like it was time to upload something :D
A nice girl I made just jet, what do you think?
Some lineart done in flash, not really lineart though.. not a sketch either.. didn't know what  type to put it in.
blah, I haven't been too productive on my webcomic as of I decided to try some filler character sketches to at least attempt to keep the mus going.  This here's Yukiko, who I believe I've drawn a picture of before, but that was quite a long time ago xD;  in any case, she likes making costumes...and. yes. I like her glasses ^.^ hehe they're always crooked <3
This is, like, the most random thing ever.

Was talking to a friend about this role-playing game we're starting, and then all of a sudden this character that I'd never met before jumped up and said "ooh!  I wanna play!" and I was all "oholyshitwheredidyoucomefrom?!"  (okay, so I'm not quite sane.  Role-playing does things to you, something along the lines of schizophrenia or MPD.  I'm unsure which is more applicable.  Anyway).

Then, she demanded to be drawn.
So, um, I drew her.
And apparently she enjoys imitating her stuffed rabbit.

Good lord, I've lost my marbles.
Hi \(^.^)/ it's almost christmas holiday in the netherlands \(^.^)/ Yay!!!! This is my bookmarker, not colored yet (@.@)