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RE4 roolz, i really mean it...
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Killer-Kun RE4 roolz, i really mean it...
mama_logon 2005-11-08 17:35:02 nice shading, good for you
Zeph 2005-11-17 17:29:31 i like the pose. The eyes are not my type though and the head may be alittle too big. But i love how you didn't completely draw her, but didn't just STOP the drawing. It's great. Like Mama Logon said, good shading. and nice hair
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wowie theres no blood
A random drawing I made, I have a weird thing of imagining what people would look like if they were animals.
Pokemon art for the Homage thread. You can view the topic here:

Though I'm not thoroughly satisfied with how it turned out, it's good enough. 

About 30 minutes for the pencil work, then 4 to 5 hours in Photoshop CS.

2nd page of my old Fragile comic. Wanted to push the detailing a bit more than in the first page, was really just curious how much I could get away with since it was all greyscale.
This is my own version of Gambit (in anime style) my favorite of the X-Men hope you like it
LM MENTS page 12
More stuffs.
Uhm. Drawing by me, coloring by Aikuza. Look at the time. Bye.
A chapter cover XD
it's a new drawing i made yesterday and compleeted today YAY!! >_< i should stop being so jolly..anyway i love my fans...sorry for the scare i'm here and staying now 4 good oke??.xxx from me
just a quck doodle on ms paint im not happy with it though :s
I had to draw sis showed the book to me and i read it til I got to the point of reading 9 volumes but this part was...well i just had to draw it
again cooro :D made it in the car XD 

sketch took me about 30 minutes, but ''coloring'' it 1 hour XD