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A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
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Zeph A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
yurusanzo 2005-11-07 23:08:47 yes!!! finally someone besides me thats seen that anime! love the pic! ps: you have to say oni me no kyo with the barritone voice cause thats the only way it should be pronounced
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 16:10:17 Oooo you drawed this one before? it looks like the angel one ^^ very nice pose! keep it up =)
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Random art
i drew this when i had nothing elts to do in my class
so its not the best but i like it

and please leave comments telling me what you think
Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD

cmmnt plz ^^
Everyones fave headgehog 
been a while since i uploaded anything here. anyways, this is my first try at using a tablet to colour. my original character: zeraph (c) emerson tung.
here are those plushies screen toned
hey guys,, long time no upload, my tablet is broken so i wil be uploading sketches only for a wile wel this a fellow I really worked on to let him look cool the arms are a bit crumpy but overall I like him
fantasy of me? XD XD
Well, I uploaded the lineart of this one a couple of days ago, since it's an assignment for school I had to keep working on it ^^ It took me about 10 hours to color/shade it, and I'm sort of happy with the result. Not completely though, there are a lot of mistakes and it's not just the lighting or the proportions! I really don't like the eyes of the girl, anyone have some suggestions on how to do that better? I really want to know what I should have done better, so C&C it!!!<P>Thanks!
more unfinished stuff for your viewing pleasure heh heh.
gift art to a friend....guess what medium i used...
A Character From My Manga Inverse I Think you all would like it if you want to see it comes here
finally after a long time my dad bought a new scanner n_n. so from now on you guys will see more art from me n_n.
This one was made when i was on vacation and i was i tried to remember some gaia online items and started to draw a gaia character. I hope you like it!
Not sure about the warning, but let's stay on the safe side. Anatomy practise.
um a guy called jet heh i was tryin out a new style n coloring teqnuiq i thinks its quite cool although im not one for drawing ppl that look this old :P lol anyhow ja - ne