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A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
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Zeph A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
yurusanzo 2005-11-07 23:08:47 yes!!! finally someone besides me thats seen that anime! love the pic! ps: you have to say oni me no kyo with the barritone voice cause thats the only way it should be pronounced
Apocalypse 2006-03-14 16:10:17 Oooo you drawed this one before? it looks like the angel one ^^ very nice pose! keep it up =)
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This is commission work I did for a book my friend wrote.  The character's name is Aden.
I'v been up-loading so much lately (sorry about that, my bad), I'll try to let my other works filter out of the main gallery before I load anymore ^_^
I dunno if this should be line art of sketch.. I didn't put a lot of thought into what kind of character she'd be either.. I just dived into the drawing. I seem to have a bad habit of doing that
Forgive her crappy left hand. I did this the night of my last sketch; heh. I thought everything else turned out alright (gotta go practice those hands now... lol).
I'll likely never finish this. Got lazy. It's Alexstrasza's elf form, as seen in WoW.
I made it scanned it and created it mwah hahahaha
my first completed attempt to color.this is my take on Yamanaka-San's chara sketch.i hope i did it justice.( i've just enrolled for my 3d animation course, right now i'm learning photoshop. wish me luck people!)
Guard Angel - Picture number 1 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. Mediums used: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS. Time taken: 15-20 hours (drawing); 10-12 hours (coloring)
Kyriei and Ravyn
For MILKY and other KAKASHIFANS!! I'm so glad the drawing worked out well. I'd made a lot of sketches, but this one was the best. Enjoy it!!
a just testing my self to see if i could get my eyes to cuter :3 i thought a bunny would be suitable lol please let me wat u think ps its coloured differently because i wasnt on my computer =^-^=
Keeper of time.

I spot problems with his Arm and shoulder