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Random female character. Tried some stuff with this one.
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konflikti Random female character. Tried some stuff with this one.
AIKUZA 2005-11-03 15:25:07 Cool shit dude, personally I find the weapon not that original. And the weapon doesnt fit her clothing design. But cool sketch indeed
Jessie_Clanclan 2005-11-06 11:45:55 I've got nothin' negative to say about this one. Great job.
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Random art
work in progress. . . .
Pic for my portfolio. comments and crits welcome 6^^
*Edit* corrections made
Def Character
My first post  YaY
Oooh it's Sephy fanart >_>;; with a different hairstyle >____>;;;; sorry die-hard Sephy fans I tried my best ><;; It wasn't intentionally going to be Sephy but then I thought "...what the heck." and poof. I have a feeling that I somehow made his head just a little smaller than the body, or it's those weird shoulder pad things. Didn't know where to put the Masamune so...sorry ><;; And he's staring at a butterfly. There. I'm going to hide under my bed now >_>;
recently, SquareEnix had a contest where you could redesign their characters giving them a different job class that wasnt in the game "Final Fantasy X-2" so, being pretty enthusiastic about it i came up with these 2 designs, the foreground one is the geomancer yuna and the one in the back is the calculator/schoolgirl yuna. lets just see how hard the people at square laugh when they see the return address ;)
The Raging Spaniard
Some more doodle from me *sorry* -_-'' and yes, before you ask, that zombie IS wearing a tutu.
very bad quality, i know, but i dont have a very big scanner.<br>
fantasy drawing for a class.
18x24 on bristol.<br>
its not finished yet, i still have to color it. :D
Dustin C.
This is the main character of the my webcomic.  My friend called this picture "Introspective."
emo chibi!
sorry for the mess...this pic is pretty blown up >_<
Winter in Chicago. (It was the worst)
This one never did get colored....should I?
btw...this is young link
Just an oekaki