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seto and mokuba kaiba^^ aren't they cute together? originals from Yugioh ©
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umi seto and mokuba kaiba^^ aren't they cute together? originals from Yugioh ©
umi 2005-11-03 13:32:51 o.0 uhm...well uhm....the girl is a boy... they're 2 brothers, hugging
Zeph 2005-11-05 12:06:32 hahaha nice one terren! Great picture
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Random art
Random funny stuff ^^
Btw. Slipje is dutch for panty :3
quickly made . . i messed up with the gun . . . hope you like it
Aikuza said that Orlando was unoriginal and that only girls would comment, so what about Amy Lee? Something for the boys and not so very often done I think. Anyway, I've made this one for my boyfriend, he was a big Evanessence (they have split up) fan, for our 6 months aniversary. Is it good enough?
a character i was designing
Juuust Sketches
Just a old one XD
Also this one.. ehm ^^'' I don't like it really^^
haha let me think this one is from a year a go or something^^''
Latest piece.  100% acrylic paint.  Approached this one more hapzardly...basically a outline sketch and then threw paint down. lol.  Also very quick in like 3 hours.
well this is a summon i designed  for a game i and a friend are going to make altho we dont even have a story for it XD

*yay* Sports! This is a part of a much bigger image, but that just won't fit here ^_^. The actual pic is a background for my pc.
I rushed this version a bit and forgot to add my copyright notice and signature *_* Anyway, it worked out fine I think the only one thing I see is that het foot looks abit odd. Any comments? Please do! ^_~
In the moonlight
this is the same cat girl but she is in a different style *chuu*
pencil no jutsu

Happy New Year people!!
I've been workin on this for awhile now. Had to get it done for my big art exam next Monday.  Yeah, I'm happy with it. All Photoshop with tablet. Not sure how long