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mama_logon "LADY IN RED" an old pic made by me
Zeph 2005-11-02 13:42:47 nice picture. Little wierd and im not sure what's going on. But cool concept
zakuro 2005-11-02 18:58:18 pretty
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-11-03 02:09:06 Cute, but there's something weird going on with the right eye
AIKUZA 2005-11-03 15:12:54 reddish cool stuff, although the nose could be closer to the mouth.
Kaizu 2005-11-09 15:41:10 Looks good, i would adjust the hue nad contrast a bit but thats my opinion.. this hurts my eyes lol
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Random art
Here is an non CG line art doodle. Just a nearby fineliner. an there we have it.
Def Character
Here is the sketch that I uploaded earlier. I'm not that good at this yet, this is my first photoshop coloring. My shading especially is not that good.
Andalyn Van Hellsing
Cute mage girl in prismacolors.
Well, as I posted in the forum, I'm working on a webmanga, and I would like to hear some opinions. What I urgently need to decide is how to do the side views of the characters, I'm not sure about how I'm doing it, cause the mouth seems to be always with the same expresion... I'll say more on the forum.

here's the forum link
me myself and i, drawn again...
A random drawing I did during my break periods at work. There really wasn't a whole lot going on that day, so the staff didn't really mind. 

In case you're wondering, the cape is attached to his waist. Dunno why, but near the end of the drawing I pictured the character design of Cloud in FFVII:Advent Children and decided to add that in. Unfortunately, as I realized later on, it doesn't really work when you're not looking at the design from the front or back. Oh well.  :P
My friend asked me to draw a dancing penguin, and a moose, this is the lineart of the moose, I'll prolly upload the color version later. C&C welcome.
Another Photoshop test
The first time I ever used charcoal and probably the last. It's so messy and you can't get anything right with it. Basically I think this pic is crap, but I had to upload something, 'coz I don't want my account to be deleted *Sigh*. Anyway, It's Brian Molko from Placebo, but I don't think anyone will recognize him anyway
this one i drew for my friendz prom dress... she really didnt like it.
Little Girl
MY FIRST CG, and my first time using photo shop, hurray, i like how the face came out... but thats about it. I really need help getting better, any advice? C&C please