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My first official artwork for my Adult-Doujinshi group called HADAKA.
This piece is supposed to be used as a small poster or a postcard. I want to put the line
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sacha My first official artwork for my Adult-Doujinshi group called HADAKA. This piece is supposed to be used as a small poster or a postcard. I want to put the line "Want to get HADAKA with me?" in it somewhere... but I'm not sure where. :p Obviously this piece was inspired by my favorite (dead) artist Alfons Mucha.
Killer-Kun 2005-10-30 09:06:03 I think this is awesome...!!
Zeph 2005-10-30 10:38:43 amazing Sacha!!!
Dustin C. 2005-10-31 08:08:47 hah, definitely awesome man! it has a great look with the black outline, gives it a cel-shaded look almost. ^^
sacha 2005-10-31 09:10:59 Thanx for all the compliments... Piers: Its not traced but I did use reference materials! ZK: exually I was hoping you could make some artwork for HADAKA... what do you think?? (I'll contact you later on..ok?) Terren3i: HADAKA means Naked... so its "you want to get NAKED with me?"
Heartless-night 2005-10-31 14:51:31 cool stuf here.......i like the pose and good proportions.......keep it up..
TheDarkHell 2005-10-31 23:19:06 nice work man ^^
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