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this was a drawing for a friend of mine. (he looksa lot like him. it's notmanga but i promise you guys i'm busywith it! :)thngs to  nightwind
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syran this was a drawing for a friend of mine. (he looksa lot like him. it's notmanga but i promise you guys i'm busywith it! :)thngs to nightwind
syran 2005-10-29 06:44:16 wellit is but afriend of mine is a little bit fan of him as in his looks..he looks also a lot like him and i think it'sa nice quick drawing 2 hours and something!
Zeph 2005-10-29 21:50:57 you're friend looks like jesus? TOOOO COOL! Nice picture though, i like the way you shaded and did the highlights
SAM 2005-10-30 06:24:01 Like the eyes
syran 2005-10-30 09:40:14 thnk you. :)hehe I will Tell him:) !
Nightwind 2005-10-31 08:28:42 yay you´re on!!!!
Merink 2005-11-02 16:21:32 Zephio......... No body really know how Jesus looks like the is just portrayed as a white dude with blue eye and brown hair... Anyways nice pic
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I took about ten minutes to fix this image up a little bit. I tried my best to work on everything people commented on that I agreed with. The main thing I fixed was the formed ball of energy. Worked a little more with the shading and tried my best to fix the fingers. Hope this looks better than the last one. ^^; Enjoy.
This is Magus, a character from one of the greatest rpg's of all time: Chrono Trigger.
its a groundfight;)
triangle move!but the guy keeps his arm stretcht,so she cant push him into the choke,to force a submission^_^
Sargent Peter is my son. This is how I see him anyway
Wow, I took the SATS again today, I hate test anyway I was bored and this was on my mind, I have no clue why but it was, lol. Please comment I really want to improve my art, thanx.
old work from 2007 xD

originally posted at
evil lizard
not really one of my better drawings , but I just drew it for practice on shoulders and positioning of the arms...
and I still have major problems with hands and feet! o_?
Hopefully you can recognize her

... (
character from my manga frozen named alice
yurusanzo was a sunny day today (unlike yesterday=snow) I was in the mood to draw something happy...
Right im not particulaly fond of DBZ but this b goku reason for drawing it is quite sad lol hear goes:
my friend at collage sed i didnt like dbz cause i couldent draw like it so i errm proved him rong i think XD heheh YEAH IM CHILDISH SOOOO 
anyhow ja ne i dedicate this to um dbz fans around the world woohoo shame it aint a cool character but meh  sayonara
Zaraki Kenpachi... 'cause he's awesome ;)

Hope you like ^^