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The girl called LaFaye Christine preparing an attack, comments are welcome, please be harder :3
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Killer-Kun The girl called LaFaye Christine preparing an attack, comments are welcome, please be harder :3
TheDarkHell 2005-10-22 01:01:42 its a bid sketchy -_- pose is hard to do but you did a good job. uhhh a little shot on details in the clothes. then there is notreally a bg. and the and the has a rather large head i've you look at the size of her shoulders ^^. ow and maby add some lightning tho her hands ore something like that. well keep it up ^^
NikA 2005-10-22 07:36:16 nice nice nice, it has more details than your previous work ^-^ like on the hair and the white fabric under her skirt, that kind of coloring, contrast and details should be everywhere. Her face looks really good, but her eyes dont match each other (the left one falls and the other doesnt), i think her mouth and nose is placed a bit low (may be it is just me). Her left lower arm (which happens to be in the left part of the screen ^^) is a little long, if they cross just in the middle of her body they should be more symetric in proportions. About the lights on her hands, niiiiiiiice, i got good result by erasing part of the outline when there is too much light on one spot. ^-^ i hope i wasnt too hard on your pic since i really like your stuff and you keep getting better and better with every new drawing!! ^-^ *hugs*
Zeph 2005-10-22 19:43:11 im confused with what she is doing because it is not a well known pose. The head i agree is a bit big and the neck of the shirt is alittle wierd.
Killer-Kun 2005-10-24 15:54:16 Thanks to all of you, i'm making a lot of practice now that i see the failures :3
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hello guys. :3 this is my third time trying this place out (i'm a very off and on kinda person ^^; )

This is just a drawing that I jazzed up a bit... *shrugs* I kinda like how it looks though. :3 Not completely satisfied of course, but I still think it looks good. =^__^=

Tell me what you think!!