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still training in female anatomy here. what do you think?
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Shinfate still training in female anatomy here. what do you think?
TheDarkHell 2005-10-12 00:33:25 really nice but im having a feeling the bottom halve of the drawing is to small .. but its a nice clean drawing ^^
CynikSama 2005-10-12 02:10:30 I think her body is great.. maybe some more details on her face .. but i really like it ~_^
Nagashiwa 2005-10-12 08:01:46 kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^^ LOVE IT^^ en verder wat de andere zeggen. maar ja te veel spieren is ook niet goed XD toch??
Heartless-night 2005-10-13 05:14:54 hey,you are geting beter in the anatomy,great pose too....keep it up..! you are close.......
Def Character 2005-10-13 16:03:12 Great colouring ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-10-15 03:49:14 nice clean :_)
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Okay, so before I rape this picture with color, I had to scan it in and share, because I've finally managed to draw something that I'm totally happy with. 8D And look! A background! And movement! HOMG MILESTONE TAKE A PICTURE. Her eye looks a little funky because I haven't erased the pencil sketch underneath it yet. ^^;

i made a 3 park panel of this pastel work for school. it was to "reflect you strongest feelings" stuff. i actually flunked out of art. my teacher said i totally was off base with this piece. i got a F.i dont listen she said.
Pan in Greek religion & mythology, is the god of shepherds  & flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting & rustic music. He is often identified with a flute, pipe or some other wind instrument. I just made up the set of pipes in my drawing. I'm sure Pan could figure out how to play a tune on it, eh?
lawl more WoW fanart. 2nd genuine attempt at photoshop. Got frustrated with my tablet and just used my touchpad. =/
This is a good couple of years old now, it's page 6 of my comic Friction Burn. I got 8 pages done before my computer crashed on me back then. Went a bit overboard with trying stuff on this page, it's way too busy and doesn't flow smoothly enough for me.
I hope you like it^^
My finished colored version of the Graffiti Ninja.
Dustin C.
4 Panel Comic strikes again.
I like summer, So I drawed this nice summer girl. And I just like summer, summer is A lot of sun'',I like sunny weather, do U get the point? Ok... :P :) (o0)
This is the comic which the sixpackman came from. school wouldn't let me scan the whole thing before
Did this one for a friend of mine, Jurjen.

He wanted a total black Xbox 360; i partially did what he wanted, heh. I left the power on button white, so when you push it, you connect with 'faith' (which reads on top of the console)

P.S.: forgive me for taking these blurry pictures, the light wouldnt co-op..

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God, I hate folds >.<;;