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Cute little chibi person that is somewhat like Sumumo is (I think that's how you spell it) from Chobits.
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Jenn Cute little chibi person that is somewhat like Sumumo is (I think that's how you spell it) from Chobits.
NikA 2005-10-10 17:53:43 very good ^-^. Try to bring her eyes lower when doing chibis, usually the nose and the eyes bottom part are on a same/similar horizontal line, this will also give you space for the forehead (which is small in this case). Still it is really pretty, i love chibis! BTW, your handwriting "kawaii" is beautiful =3
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comic character that a friend and I worked on.  comic never went anywhere tho. :(
I'm not that good at lightning, so sorry for the ugly light "beams" ^^ I'd like some C&C plz
A character of myself.
This was for praticing markers, i messed up the shading a little on his back, but i like how i used with brown to shade his pants. This picture was not drawn by me, it was one of MatthewMolko's old drawings. ^.^ he let me have it to pratice markers on.
I couldn't sleep so finished Sasuke, i'm very happy with how it turned out! But i couldn't change his feminine side.. sorrie ^^;;
(the bigger picture )
dante again...
this one I made when I was on vacation (I had a boring time)
i drawn him because i borrowed his pentel pen and he also requested for it...

he was playing ragnarok before but humbly gave his account to his cousin.....

well, medyo corny minsan at pasaway dahil adik din sa games tulad ko pero dahil friendship......friendship
Gaia chibi art contest. My first piccy here? Not really. I have older art under the username "chiku" ;D
Jack Skellington / Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Medium: acrylic /// 
Paper type: gray carton /// 
Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) /// 
Time: 13h 
This is a picture of a random girl I found online. It was way to cute not to draw.
hello,i like this one,is a type of mage from ff tact. and wanted to draw it....and i put it here for the ff well what do you think...? it took me 30 finish it..
this is just a character i made up to wish everyone a nice easter im realy happy with it